6 Mistakes to Avoid For Growing Your YouTube Channel on Social Media

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How to promote your YouTube channel on social media to get more views on your YouTube videos through social media marketing strategies and understand common mistakes that should be avoided by vloggers.

As a vlogger on YouTube, you don’t want to be a creator who doesn’t have an idea for what they want to achieve on social media – instead, you want to be promoting your YouTube channel and its awesome content, along with introducing more people to your vlogging brand, so that they can become viewers and subscribers.

In this post, we’ll be going over six mistakes to avoid when promoting your YouTube channel on social media.

Posting the Same Social Media Posts on Every Page

This is one of the biggest traps that new YouTube vloggers can sometimes fall into when it comes to social media marketing, and that is because they often have far more exciting things to do than create an entirely new piece of content for each social media page – such as actually making vlogs for their YouTube channel!

However, that means that people will only need to interact with you on one form of social media to get all of the info, and that limits your vlogging brand’s reach.

By having slightly different content on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for example, people who love your YouTube channel will have a reason to follow and interact with you on all of those different social media sites.

You could post behind-the-scenes pictures on Instagram. Create previews for your upcoming vlogs on Snapchat. Start a Facebook group to answer questions based on your YouTube channel’s topic area. And much more!

Just be creative, and offer unique valuable content on each social media platform. This will give you a much bigger and more effective reach when promoting your YouTube channel on social media for growth.

Note: Having a larger overall audience on social media is also great when it comes to making money on YouTube with sponsorships and brand deals because your social reach can be a big outlet that interests companies to work with you on sponsorship campaigns.

Not Socializing with Your Channel’s Audience Regularly

Avoid ignoring opportunities for interaction when it comes to your YouTube channel’s audience on social media. By replying to comments about your vlogs, tweeting and retweeting supporters, liking Facebook posts, and doing more to engage with your viewers, you will instantly become more relatable. It does not take much time, but it can make a huge difference!

For example, here’s how you can make use of Facebook Live for your community.

Sharing Too Many Links to Your YouTube Vlogs

Now this may sound crazy, but you could actually be sharing too many links to your vlogs when promoting your YouTube channel on social media networks. This is because people can become incredibly bored and annoyed if all that you do on social media is link to promote your YouTube videos with each post. Some people may even see this as spam!

Instead, mix things up and offer a variety of relevant content on your YouTube channel’s social media pages. For example, you could write short blogs about your vlogs and post those links, or even post links to relevant articles that you find interesting, share photos, content updates, or any other kind of content that your target audience is interested in.

Not Using a Custom Hashtag for Your YouTube Channel

It is not just celebrities that can create custom hashtags – absolutely anyone can do it, and you definitely should be. For example, if your YouTube channel is called ‘iBeauty Vlog’, then you can use a hashtag like #iBeautyVlog.

The great thing about using custom/branded hashtags for your YouTube channel is that every time a new follower clicks on the hashtag, they will be directed to all of your previous video posts on all your social media pages, which can help you get to more views on YouTube.

Being Inconsistent with Your Social Presence

One social media mistake that YouTube vloggers definitely need to avoid is being inconsistent with their page activity. If you are inactive on social media then you need to let people know that, and give them a reason. Whether it is work, deadlines, or just taking a break, be open and clear with your audience about what they can expect from you.

In the beginning stages as a vlogger on YouTube, it’s important to avoid spreading yourself out too much by creating a page for your channel on every social media site. Instead, go with a couple of platforms you enjoy using, and can consistently be active on. Consistency is the key to growing your YouTube channel for the long-term with pretty much anything, especially social media.

Not Having a Social Media Plan For Your Channel

Not only is having a plan an important factor for success, but it also allows you to measure your progress when promoting your YouTube channel on social media. Write some goals for your channel’s social presence, and stick to them!

Work hard towards them, and make genuine changes in the way that you use social media in order to achieve them, and adapt to new trends. You will find that you achieve so much more when you have a solid plan before you than if you just go around making it up as you go along.

So there you have it! Keep an eye out for these mistakes to avoid when using social media to grow your YouTube channel, and overall vlogging brand!

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