Facebook Dating is Unavailable – How to an Eye-catchy Facebook Dating Profile in US

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If Facebook dating is unavailable on your location, it could due to any of these reasons. It could be either you are not using the Facebook main app or you are not up to eighteen years of age. The truth is that if you are not up to 18 accessing Facebook dating will not be possible.

But if you are up to the age of eighteen, you have to download the updated man Facebook app to start accessing the Facebook dating feature. The Facebook dating app is available on the Facebook app which is compatible with any device such as android and many other devices as well.

Facebook Dating is Unavailable

One amazing feature of Facebook dating is that your dating profile is made separate from your main Facebook profile. Another interesting aspect is that Facebook dating will not be shared with your dating profile. Friends of yours will not be suggested to you in the dating home. Rather, your suggested friends will be based on your interests and the kind of things that you engage on the Facebook platform.

The Facebook dating app has not been brought out globally but, the Facebook team is working on it. Facebook will be available in Europe soon on this 2020. So users of the Facebook platform on the location should get ready for the Facebook dating app. Facebook dating was just introduced but it has some really good exciting features that everyone should try.

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Where Can I Find Facebook Dating

Like I said earlier in this article, the Facebook dating feature is not yet available in all countries yet but, Facebook tea is busy working. The Facebook dating profile as stated by Facebook will be made available on this 2020 to some countries in Europe. The Facebook dating feature has been made available in the US recently. Aside from that, it can be found in Argentina, Bolivia, Canada Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, Uruguay, Brazil, and Vietnam.

How Facebook Dating Works

Most people think the Facebook dating feature is an app, but they wrong about this. The Facebook dating home is a feature, which can be located within the Facebook app itself. On the dating app, users can easily create a separate dating profile. Facebook will suggest friends to you based on your interests and preferences. The Facebook dating app is very different from other dating apps that you know. You can match up with anybody on the platform without wasting much time.

When searching for dates and you found someone you are interested in, you can easily like or comment on the person’s profile directly. The feature does not allow its users to match with their own friends. It allows it, users, to meet with people that they are not familiar with. In case you want to match with friends, you can easily make use of the secret crush feature. The secret crush feature allows you to add up your nine Facebook or Instagram friends. If you and your friend add each other to the secret crush is, you will both be notified about it. The feature is free and contains no in-app purchases.

How to Set Up a Facebook Dating Profile in US

Setting up a dating profile while you are in the US is very simple and easy. The Facebook dating feature exists inside the main Facebook app. While you are on the platform, you can sign up and start setting up your dating account by following the instructions given to you below:

  • The first step just access or login to your Facebook account.
  • Then the second step you must click the dating link or notification that will direct you to where you can date on Facebook.
  • The new page you have been directed to, just select your gender and also confirm your location.
  • When you have done that you will see some 12 tiles and each tile is a photo or an answer to one of the dating questions.
  • After just make sure or check that your tiles are in place answer them correctly it is a feature your match uses to know you better.
  • Now also then make a selection of your photo, upload a photo of you.
  • After that, you are now able to specify your match in the dating settings.

All the steps above are the steps you must follow to create a Facebook dating profile.

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