Change Facebook URL – How to Change Facebook URL Name 2020 | Steps and Procedures

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Facebook Url is basically a unique name given to all Facebook users for easy identification by Facebook, this URL is normally attached to the user’s name or their nicknames on the Facebook social media platform. The URL comes as an easy way of finding people on Facebook by having the specific URL they can be easily found.

Change Facebook URL - How to Change Facebook URL Name 2020 | Steps and Procedures

The term URL is actually linked to the original meaning which is used on the internet URL. A URL basically means A Uniform Resource Locator. People can easily find their friends by putting in their unique URLs into the browser so they can be found easily on Facebook without actually have to go through the regular search process.

Why People Change Facebook URL

Changing the Facebook URL is actually quite common than it seems, a lot of people participate in changes to make their accounts more easily to find by their friends hence the Facebook URL change. The Facebook URL change can actually make finding friends so much easier on Facebook. This is the major reason why people change the Facebook URL.

  • By changing Facebook URL users become easier to find on Facebook, they become easier to find so their friends can easily locate them on Facebook. By selecting a name or a nickname that’s popular among their friends they can easily be located by their friends through the Facebook URL.
  • By changing Facebook URL users can now make their pages and their URLs fancier, they can edit it to names that they like and they can edit it to a different name so that they may or may not be found by users. They can also decide to use all nicknames which are fancy and cool.

The Facebook URL change is a very good addition to the multitudes of Facebook features, people can easily change their URL without any stress which is good because they can decide what they want to be found with or which name they want to be found with on Facebook.

How to Change Facebook URL Name 2020

Changing of things on Facebook is actually common, Facebook has tried its best to allow the platform be user suitable and friendly which means that it allows users to do anything they want to their pages as long as it follows the guidelines of Facebook social media. These are the steps to follow when users want to change their Facebook URL.

  • Open web browsers
  • Login into Facebook account
  • Click on options at the edge of the screen
  • Click on user names.
  • Enter the new user name and save changes.
  • Input passwords and submit them.

Change is a constant phenomenon in life and people have to make changes to adjust things around them to suit their lifestyle.

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