Check Out How Much Multichoice is Giving Out to Support Nigerians Staying at Home

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Check Out How Much MultiChoice is Giving Out to Support Nigerians Staying at Home – Multichoice is Africans leading entertainment company and over the years, they have provided quality services to humanity. To help the Federal and Lagos State Government tackle the COVID-19 outbreak, Multichoice has decided to introduced certain initiatives.

How Much Multichoice is Giving Out to Support Nigerians Staying at Home

To fight this Pandemic (Covid-19) which has become a major threat to the world at large, Multichoice have taken it upon themselves to do the follow for both the Federal and Lagos State Government:

  • Cash support of N200 million to the Federal Government and N50 million to Lagos State.
  • Making Public Service Announcement about tips to prevent getting the Covid-19 in English, Ibo, Yoruba, Hausa, and Pidgin languages.
  • Provision of Prostate-Specific Antigens on channels across Gotv and Dstv (More than 10 channels).
  • Giving of 10,000 certified test kits to the NCDC.
  • Approved inventory of N550 million spotting the NCDC’s Covid-19 helplines.
  • Provision of support for engaged creative industry professionals who have suffered of production disruption with N400 million.

MultiChoice Nigeria is very committed to aid the Nigerian government and authorities succeed in the fight against the pandemic which has posed a threat to the economy of the nation.

While speaking with the Chairman of MultiChoice Nigeria, Adewunmi Ogunsanya, he went ahead to say the following about the contribution of their company to the Nigerian economy in the fight against the Covid-19 outbreak:

“We are donating 10,000 certified test kits to support the great work being done by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and the Federal Ministry of Health. In addition to these, we are also contributing N250 million to the Federal and Lagos State governments’ efforts in providing adequate healthcare delivery facilities to fight COVID-19. We are doing this because we recognize the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has on Nigerians and the economy. We hope our contributions to NCDC, the Federal and State Governments, alongside other donations, will go a long way towards effective management of the outbreak.”

John Ugbe, the CEO of MultiChoice Nigeria also said:

“We have committed N550million worth of inventory to public service announcements in our indigenous languages in addition to English and Pidgin to ensure that every Nigerian understands how to prevent COVID-19 or call for help through the NCDC helplines. Also, the creative industry salary payment of up to N400 million will offer a much-needed financial reprieve for producers, actors, and technical talent currently contracted to MultiChoice Nigeria, whose livelihoods have been disrupted by the pandemic.”

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