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Disabled Facebook account ; having A facebook account is necessary to access the facebook platform.





The Facebook platform as the largest social media networking site has risen to over one billion users worldwide since it was introduced on February 4, 2004. It has successfully and effectively united people from different part of the world both young and old together.

People from different culture, religions and countries, now have a way of interacting and communicating and as well exchanging information throughout the social media platform. It is medium for meeting people, advertising our business and products, reaching out to the world, gathering useful information and many other things.

To have access to the facebook platform you must have a facebook account. Some users have been having problems concerning disabled facebook account, in this article you will be know the reason why your account will be disabled.http://easy facebook account disabling 2020


Facebook: Here's How to Deactivate Your Account

  • An account might be disabled by the user due to privacy issue.
  • Any facebook user is qualified and entitled to acquire a facebook account, but your account will be disabled if you have numerous account.
  • You are liable to have your account disabled if it has been reported many times as facebook takes reporting account issues critically and gravely.
  • Posting immoral and explicit contents in the Facebook community that facebook forbids and is against.
  • Age limit for creating facebook account is 13 years and anything less than that will result to disabled facebook account.
  • Accepting and sending too many friend request also result to your facebook account disabled.
  • Using fake and false informations like fake name, address and fake photos when opening a facebook account, will result to a disabled facebook account get your account disabled.
  • Using representatives (proxy) instead of normal image processing address

A user can simply or easily disconnect or neutralize his or her account from the facebook platform  if sure that it is not wanted again and as well reactivate your facebook account by simply logging in any time you want. Below are steps on how you can get a disabled facebook account:


Facebook: Deactivating Your Facebook Account

  • Login to facebook.
  • Click on at the right corner of the facebook homepage below.
  • Scroll down and click on “Setting and Privacy”.
  • Select and tap on the “Account Setting”.
  • Click on “General”.
  • Select and click “Manage Account”
  • Click on “Deactivate”.
  • Next, enter your facebook account password or secret code.
  • Roll down and click on the circle at the left side of the screen option.
  • If you want to state the reasons for disabling your account, you can click on “OTHERS” to give more reasons why you are deactivating the facebook account.
  • A Window that will describe and explain how you can address the issue without having to disengaging your facebook account will appear on your homepage screen.
  • Click on “close” if you want to continue the deactivating process.
  • Click the box to the left screen and click on option out of receiving future messages from facebook.
  • Click on “Deactivate”.
  • After that you will be logged out and your account will be disabled.

After a user has disabled an account, he or she will not be able to have access to it again:

  • Nobody will be able to view your statue or profile.
  • Messages sent to your friends by you will still be viewed by your friends.
  • You can still chat with friends on messenger as your facebook messenger account will still remain active, even when you have a disabled facebook account.
  • Group’s admins may still be able to view your comments and posts tagged with your Facebook account name.


One good advantage of disabled facebook account is that you can still activate the account once it is disabled by you but if it is by facebook, then you have to appeal for your account to be reactivated.



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