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Facebook shareable post 2020 is all about making your content or article readable and shareable.


Facebook shareable post 2020

Many questions has been asked on how facebook users can share a readable post on the facebook platform, however facebook shareable post 2020 allows you to share posts to many people all over the world through the share feature that facebook administered, like after posting a video about the latest update on covid-19 or any pictures, you can share them with your friends or other people.

However, this opinion is different as one is on how facebook users can make their post shareable and the other is on how to re-share a post that has been shared before.  As one of the top social networking website in the world, Facebook is a place where you can discover lots of news, learn and experience a lot of things, so it is necessary and very important that you make a post shareable so that people all around the globe can be able to view your content.


Facebook shareable post 2020

To share a post to people, you will have to be security conscious concerning the privacy setting of your post because if you set your phone on Private then people will not be able to share your post but if it is set on Public, then anyone can re-share your post. Follow the instructions below on how you can make your post shareable:

  • Login to facebook with the website (facebook.com).
  • Go to Facebook Setting.
  • Click on “Public posts”, inside the setting dashboard.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow below the “Who can Follow Me” option.
  • Select Public.

Furthermore, you can select Edit from the many options available where you will be able to authorized people that are viewing your post and also share your post by going to the timeline or tagging section. Facebook shareable post 2020You can as well share a post directly to Facebook by using the share button located underneath the post as the facebook page is officially and naturally public and so anybody that visits the page can see your post and as well re-share. Below are guidelines on how to share a post on page:

  • Access the page and click on cover share below the post.
  • Select the options of groups you want to share.
  • Finally, click “POST”.

Facebook shareable post 2020 is entertaining but if your page is under banned Audience limit making it impossible for people to view or share your post, you can go to the page settings and click on Audience adjustment for post below the General setting

Facebook shareable post 2020



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