Facebook Gaming Launched As A Standalone App For Smartphones

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Facebook is definitely no stranger when it comes to gaming. Several years ago, the company launched the Facebook Gaming platform designed to take on the likes of Twitch and YouTube. However, the downside was that Facebook Gaming was pretty much limited to desktops, meaning that those on mobile would not be able to use it.

The good news for fans of Facebook Gaming or for those seeking an alternative to Twitch, Microsoft’s Mixer, or YouTube Gaming, is that Facebook has since launched the platform as a standalone app for Android devices (iOS version will be launching soon). The app was originally planned for a mid-year launch, but it was reported yesterday by The New York Times that Facebook would be moving up the launch date to today.

The standalone app pretty much does what its desktop counterpart does, except that it will now be mobile-friendly as well. Users will be able to tune into live streams or host their own, and the best part is that given its focus, users will be able to enjoy its content without having to deal with other Facebook-related posts, thus cutting down on the noise.

Users will need a Facebook account to access the platform, but given how many of us already own a Facebook account, we imagine that this is probably not really an issue.

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