What is Facebook Jail – How to Avoid Facebook Jail | Facebook Jail Rules | Why You are in Facebook Jail

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Facebook is more like a community with different kinds of people in it, and for every community to progress it’s needs rules and regulations to guide and control its activities. In a community, where there are laws, there will sure be penalties for breaking the law guiding the community and since humans are known to be reckless, stubborn and ignorant, there will also be offenders.

What is Facebook Jail

Facebook jail

Facebook jail is a term used to describe an act Facebook uses to discipline Facebook users who broke their terms of use in which Facebook suspends your account activities for an amount of time. When in Facebook jail, you can’t post contents, like or share posts, send or accept friend requests and any other normal Facebook features. Facebook can temporarily jail your account, which will last for a couple of hours or days or permanently in which your Facebook account could be deleted

Why You are in Facebook Jail?

Posting too fast and tagging a lot could make Facebook temporarily ban your account, acting as spam, having more than one account logged in on your device, joining a whole lot of Facebook groups and the speed at which you join in and especially the kind of contents you post.

How to Avoid Facebook Jail

  • Do not posts contents that are sexually appealing whether on your page or groups. Try not to post a lot of things speedily, if you have to, time the posts. This could be done by using software such as Postcorn, Spotify, Buffer and so on
  • Do not post fake contents or contents that have already been posted especially by a verified account except you are sharing them, do not also post spam contents i.e. images from the web which you can’t verify their source, legality, and originality.
  • Be mindful of the friend requests you accept, people you tag on Facebook and whom you add to your page, account or group, As this will determine your personality and image on Facebook.
  • Make sure to provide correct and trust-worthy information on your Facebook profile.
  • Do not use your business name for a personal account.
  • Do not do or involve yourself in spamming activities on Facebook.
  • Be conscious of hackers and people who try to deliberately damage or cause ill-luck to your account, take actions by blocking them, reporting them either by visiting their profile and clicking the three dots icon on their profile or contacting Facebook.
  • Use short web address or links on your page biography
  • Do not create and post contents that will violate Facebook’s terms of use i.e. contents that entails nudity, violence, use of abusive words and so on.

For further understanding, go through Facebook’s terms and conditions, this will explain how to use Facebook and also how not to get into Facebook Jail. The point of all this is to stay safe and behave rightly on Facebook because Facebook is also a community with a lot of people and also has an aim of creating a platform where communication is made easy, to do this, there has to be a right atmosphere in which every user abide by the rules.

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