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Facebook is a social media platform where people from all over the world connect together for different reasons. Some may be for business, while some just for fun. Well, be whatever the reasons are, Facebook always stores the most special moments for all its users. Facebook memories video is a very special video platform on Facebook and has made most of Facebook users see more reason why Facebook is the best social media platform in the world.

Facebook Memories Video - Facebook Memories of Mine | Facebook Memories Today

All I have said might mean nothing to you if you do not really understand what Facebook memories video is. The memories video is a video made by Facebook once in a while that compiles of pictures and post of special moments in a Facebook account owner’s account. It is a place where Facebook users get to view their “on this day content”. Most people see it as a gift from Facebook to you, for being a user of their platform. The memories video is more than one, and Facebook created them for several important occasions in a Facebook account users’ life.

Facebook Memories Video | Facebook Memories Today

Facebook memories video shows what both you and your friends made on that day in the past with collages and videos. This way both parties can participate in celebrating your friendship anniversary. Mostly, Facebook gives users a seasonal or monthly recap of memories placed in a short video or messages. If you have not been conversant with the Facebook post, the platform would display all the post you missed throughout the past week.

The platform is meant to surface all the old memories of the days you really enjoyed Facebook. It will always give you happy memories of feelings that you would want to share. The memories video is really useful and the Facebook product manager highlighted that the platform is used by over 90 million people to show you how useful it is.

Facebook Anniversaries Memories Video 

Facebook anniversaries video usually appears in your news feed on the day you became friends with someone. The days you picked as an anniversary of your friendship with your friends would not be seen by anyone else unless you decided to share it. Aside just accessing it in the news feed, you can also check your anniversary videos in your Facebook memories.

Sharing your anniversary video is up to you. You can easily share it by clicking the share icon below the video. The anniversary video also gives you the option to add an update and choose the people you wish to want to see your video before you post it.

Facebook on That Day Video | Facebook Memories of Mine

Checking your Facebook on that day video memories video is very simple. All you have to do is:

  • First, open your Facebook account, and log in if you are not.
  • Tap the three horizontally aligned menu icon at the top right corner of the screen
  • Scroll down the page and tap the see more icon at the bottom of the list
  • Click “on this day” icon by doing so you will open the memories page
  • While scrolling down through the memories page, Facebook will display several different statuses, pictures and other stuff from today’s date for the past years

This page would give you a section at the bottom of the page dedicated to previous days from today. There you can access Facebook “on that day video”.

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