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Facebook Messenger is a direct messaging service and application that was created by facebok in the year 2008 but it became fully set on the 9th of August 2011 and it was released on that same day. This app enables you to chat with your friends and families all over the world, it is also separated from the main Facebook App allowing users to chat all the way without the disturbance of notifications and updates from their time-line which users normally face with the Facebook app.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Service Allows users to do

  • Interact better with groups
  • Make video calls
  • Make use of emojis, stickers and so many more to make your chat fun
  • Take photos and videos. Users can send them, save to their camera roll or post in their story.
  • Reach anyone both far and wide
  • Play games with your friends. Etc.
  • Send voice notes

Earlier when Facebook was launched to the public, there was no other source of sending messages to people. You can only send messages to your friend directly from its main web page www.facebook.com During that period users need to always login to their account before they see messages sent to them by friends or family.

But with the regular update of Facebook by its creator, Facebook messenger was introduced. With this app, users can always get notification of messages sent to them on their device even without them visiting it main web page www.facebook.com

Facebook Messenger Download

Although most mobile device comes with Facebook Messenger, But you can still always download Facebook Messenger from your App store

Facebook Messenger can also be used for business purposes and if you want to participate in it, follow the instructions given below

  • Develop a working endpoint
  • Design a Facebook app. For you to access this messenger you need to have an already existing Facebook page. If you do not have one you need to create one
  • log in to the Facebook developers quick start page
  • click on the skip and create App ID at the top right corner of your page
  • Set up your messenger application to your choice
  • Send your page messages and you will instantly get replies
  • Send your app back to your Facebook so as to renew it

Chat on messenger and enjoy all the benefits included.

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