Facebook New Dating App Feature – Facebok Dating Feature | New Facebook Dating App

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Not so long ago, Facebook introduced a new dating app feature for singles to use to find love online. No doubt, there are lots of dating platforms around, including the famous dating platform tinder. Facebook happens to take part in connecting billions of people from different parts of the world, and now they want to make hooking up a lot easier. The dating feature is built into your already existing Facebook app.

Facebook New Dating App Feature - Facebok Dating Feature | New Facebook Dating App

Facebook introduced the dating feature to America after previously launching it in 19 different countries. The dating feature was first announced at the 2018 F8 developer conference saying that the feature would recommend potential matches based on the activities the users who decide to create a profile does. Facebook pair potential Match based on preferences, groups, mutual friends, events attended and other activities each user carry out.

Facebook New Dating App Feature

There are lots and lots of amazing feature accompanied by the Facebook dating app. First, according to Facebook, the app operates separately from Facebook’s main profiles, and it is not scraped for details that can be used to mark ads. Most of the features of the Facebook dating app were influenced by features from other apps. So if you have used some of the top dating sites before, you should know how this one works. Below are some other amazing features of the app:

  • The user who decides to join the app chooses whatever information that is on their profile that they wish to add. And the information includes whether to share mutual friends.
  • Anyone who has already been blocked in your Facebook account would not be seen
  • The profiles are auto-populated using first names, but users are given the option to add gender, height, religion, job title, company and other information
  • Users are free to pick sets of people they are interested in dating from a selection that includes lots of people.
  • Users are free to display their gender identity (if they are Cis woman, trans woman, Cis man, Trans man or nonbinary
  • Each user can make use of nine photos for their profile
  • Users select who they are interested in date by clicking a heart icon or they can just ignore by click the “X” icon.
  • Facebook dating has a “share your plan” feature. This enables users to share their locations if ever they decide to meet up in real life.

There are lots of other amazing features available on the platform, and if you happen to be on the platform, you should be enjoying those features. The dating app is well equipped for all Facebook users to make use of freely.

Locating the New Facebook Dating App Feature

To some people, a Facebook dating app is one of the most important things they need. But the feature is only available in some countries, and can only be accessed using your mobile device. The app is one of the Facebook new amazing features that Facebook wishes to take above the roof, and so the app was built into the main Facebook app. Locating it is no so hard, all you have to do is open the Facebook app on your mobile device, navigate to the top-right menu (where Facebook groups and marketplace is located), and you would find the app there.

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