Facebook Portal TV – Portal TV from Facebook | Facebook Portal Device

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Have you heard about the Facebook portal TV? If yes what do you think about it? A lot of people are having different opinions about this Facebook portal TV some good, some bad. Portal TV is the latest addition to the Facebook portal smart speaker range. It job essentially is to turn your home television into an expansive smart display and video call interface instead of using the picture frame portal and portal + models.

Facebook Portal TV - Portal TV from Facebook | Facebook Portal Device

About the Facebook Portal TV

Facebook entering the smartphone has mixed reception giving the social media reputation of mishandling users data does not help matters. Given that video and audio recording are required to put the device to use. Facebook portal Tv offers something different from its competition. This device is a smart video calling on your TV, it also has Alexa built-in.

The portal camera automatically pans and zooms to keep up with its actions sow hen connecting with love ones is like being in the same room with them. Portal TV shares experiences that let you bring your children favourite stories to life with music animation and AR effects, or even enjoy watching your favourite Facebook videos together.

Features and Details of Portal TV from Facebook

Here are some amazing features and details about this product even if it had it’s a downside and you may not trust it because of the company’s bad republic with users personal data.

  • You can easily video call with friends, family and colleagues using messenger and WhatsApp.
  • It has a smart camera that pans and zoom to keep up with the action move. You can talk freely and always stay in the frame.
  • This device is a smart video calling device for the biggest screen in our home. With WiFi of 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.
  • With Alexa built-in you can see, do and control your smart home. You can check who is at the door, listen to your favourite music, watch the news and movies with hands-free.
  • Enjoy shows and movies on the growing list of partners which includes PRIME video CBS with all access Spotify Pandora and more.
  • You can use it to bring your children’s bedtime stories and favourite stories with music animation and AR effects.
  • You can feel closer with shared augmented reality effects mask and games on your TV screen.
  • Display your photos From Facebook and Instagram with your smartphone Cameron roll with superframe.
  • Get notifications when your contact s or friends are available to connect.
  • It has a smart sound that enhances your voice while minimizing background noise.

Where to Purchase Facebook Portal TV Device

Here is a list of online stores you can purchase this device.

  • Amazon.
  • Best Buy.
  • Argos.

These are currently the stores this product is available.


You might or might not buy these devices but it is up to you. With the release of this device, it has come to light that a lot of people do not trust Facebook and anything directly related to the platform it seems. If you feel you might need this device then go ahead and purchase it. Before making a verdict make sure you learn the pros and cons to know which out weights the other.

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