Facebook Web New Design – New Facebook Design | Facebook Website New Layout

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People have been asking questions about the rumors regarding changes in the layout and theme of the Facebook website. Well, the rumors are true, Facebook has rolled out its new website design. This article will help enlighten users on the Facebook web new design features and how they can access it.

Facebook Web New Design - New Facebook Design | Facebook Website New Layout

Facebook Web New Design Features

The Facebook web new design comes with lots of features and options for Facebook account owners to explore. These new features offer users opportunities to experience socializing in a totally different and unique way. The new features are as follows.

  • Dark Mode Switch Button.
  • Classic Facebook Switch Button.
  • TV Feature.
  • New Facebook Gaming Access Position.
  • New Facebook Groups Access Position.
  • And Many other New Options to Explore.

Facebook New Website Dark Mode Feature

It’s no doubt Facebook account owners have been complaining and asking a question about when the dark mode feature is coming to the Facebook web? Well, the dark mode feature comes with the new Facebook web design. Users can easily switch to the Facebook dark mode theme anytime they want on the new website.

Classic Facebook Switch Button

Facebook account owners that find it hard to navigate themselves on the new Facebook website can always switch back to the classic version if they want. Yes, there’s an option on the new web design that allows users to switch back to the previous Facebook web design. Users can switch back and forth anytime they want, the switch to the Facebook classic button is available to use on their Account.

Facebook Website New TV Feature

Facebook TV was not easily accessible on the Classic or Previous Facebook design. Well, this issue has been solved on the new Facebook website. On the new Facebook web design, users can easily access the Facebook TV feature right at the top of their Facebook Account homepage.

New Place to Access the  Facebook Gaming and Groups

The same thing goes for the Facebook Gaming and Groups page, users can easily access these pages form the top center part on their Facebook account homepage.

The above of some of the major new features to access on the Facebook new web design. Users will definitely find more things that they will find interesting on the new website once they get it.

How to Get New Facebook Website Design & Layout

Now that you are aware of the major features of the Facebook new web design, it’s no doubt you will be wondering how to get it. Well, for now, Facebook has not developed a particular link to getting there but will send you a notification message on the Facebook classic website containing that will show you a link to get to the new Facebook website.

NOTE: For now it’s not everybody that has received the notification message from Facebook to access its new web design. So, just wait for the notification message from Facebook containing the link to get to the new website. Avoid finding other means of getting to the new Facebook website to prevent your account from been hacked.

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