How to activate follower option in FB – Facebook settings

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Today I’m gonna show you how to act if your Facebook followers so let’s start first you need to go to our profile see you can see there is no force so what I need to do I’ll go to edit and private setting and privacy sorry set e’ en

privacy then I’ll go to setting okay then I need to find out that public post check check check check check check check yeah yeah it’s there public post see you can see there’s a lot of option which is not in public mode so we need to

make sure that all option in our public mode public and public again public ok it’s done so I’ll go now to my facebook profile you can see there it’s all are in public mode so now I’ll check my facebook profile oh man there is no

fuller what I did oh nothing to worry I need to edit public details because people can see the how much followers is there so I need to check on seeing you can see there followed by people this is in off so I need to on this option so I’ll

check yeah now you can see there it’s showing followed by 125 people so thank you, guys.

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