How To Check Someone Recently Added Friends On Facebook

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Facebook is the largest social media platform. It offers ‘n’ numbers of ways to categorize and sort your friend list or friends, which also includes lessening your friend list and manage your “recently added” and “recently interacted”. Furthermore, you can also check your recently added friends by exploring your friend’s profile, check your latest adds & also check them either they have accurate privacy settings or not, and add some new friends to your existing friend’s lists.


As all we know, Facebook had altered numerous things in their layout. Now, the option of ‘recently added friends’ has become very difficult to find by individuals. Now, we are browsing the redesigning Facebook Profile Page which offers the easiest process for Facebook users to find you’re most relevant, important, & Juiciest data.

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There are some essential tools for the people who use Facebook to teach more about their colleagues, friends, loved ones, and people whom you want to be your loved ones. But to view someone’s recently added friends on Facebook, it is necessary that you have Desktop version of Facebook in your phone (either it is iOS or Android).

Open Desktop Version of Facebook in your Phone

The feature of ‘How to view someone’s recently added friends on Facebook’ is only available on the Desktop Version of facebook.

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Thus, to find someone’s recently added friends from your mobile/tablet (iPhone or Android); you have to request for the desktop version of Facebook from your mobile’s browser.

How to Open Desktop Version of Facebook in iPhone

  • Click on Safari and open & login your Facebook account.
  • Explore the profile of someone whom you want to view Recently Added Friends on Facebook.
  • Click on the address bar from the top of the Safari.
  • from the existing URL ‘’ remove ‘m’ from url’.
  • After removing new url like this ‘’
  • Now you are in the Desktop version of Facebook from Safari.

Open Desktop Version of Facebook in Android

  • Open Chrome and Log in
  • Now, click on three dots which are at the right side on top
  • Click on the ‘Request Desktop’ option.
  • Now you are at the desktop version of Facebook.

How To Check Someone Recently Added Friends On Facebook

Step 1 – Login to your Facebook Account to check the recently added friends.

It is the foremost step. To pursue all these things, you have to log in your Facebook Account, so that you can have full access on your FB account and you have full control do explore this as well.

Step 2 – Click on the name of the person. Open the profile of someone to view his/her recently added friends on Facebook.

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Now, search the name of the person and open the profile of the person whose you want to check recently added friends on Facebook. Open his profile on your Facebook Account. Once the profile page of the person is completely loaded you are able to accomplish several things on his/her timeline according to your taste.

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Step 3 – Click on the ‘Friends’ which helps you to view his/her recently added friends on Facebook.

If your second step is completed exactly, below his/her profile picture, you can explore a sequence of options available, click on the option according to your need & demand. Now, we are talking about to view someone’s new friends on Facebook. Thus, click on the ‘Friends’ option and by click on this option we are one more step closer to our motto.

Step 4 – Now, Click on the ‘Recently Added’ option.

Last Line

By following the above steps, you must view Someone’s Recently Added Friends On Facebook. Thus, follow the above step-by-step guide with the help of which your task becomes easy and simple.

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