How to Create a Showmax Account in Your Household | CHECK NOW

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Have you wondered how to create a showmax account? Seeing that Showmax is an online tv platform that originated from South Africa and it has spread to other countries since then. Over the years Showmax has become very popular for millennials because they enjoy having their favourite movies and TV shows at the tip of their fingers. You would realize that a lot of youths are the ones you use this kind of service a lot.

How to Create a Showmax Account in Your Household | CHECK NOW

How to Create a Showmax Account

Creating a showmax account is super easy but not that you will need a valid email address as part of the account creation.

  • First and foremost with your internet connection on, open your web browser and search
  • Once the page opens click on sign in and then click on sign up.
  • On the new page that appears to enter your email address and create a unique password for that account.
  • Click on sign up and on the page, you will be taken to click on update subscription.
  • Select a subscription plan of your choice, enter a payment method and you are all set.

You have now successfully created a Showmax account for your unlimited viewing.

Devices You Can Use to Stream Showmax Movies & TV Series | Showmax Devices

Almost all devices can be used to view Showmax and here is the list of devices you can use to enjoy Showmax.

  • Smart TV which includes streaming on Xbox One, Google Chromecast or apple tv.
  • On your phone or tablet and watch from two devices at once with an internet connection.
  • Watch on your computer using the website with no app required.

Showmax is compatible with iOS, Android, Chromecast, Samsung, LG smart TVs, and Apple Tv.

Showmax Payment Method

Apart from using your credit card, there are several methods you can use to pay for your subscription on Showmax. Here are the payment methods you can use.

  • Showmax vouchers. Purchase a voucher for yourself or a friend and it can be used to pay for your subscription online.
  • DStv. You can add Showmax to your DStv explorer and pay both payments together.
  • Paypal. If you have a PayPal account you can use it to make payment.
  • Telkom. All you have to do is add Showmax to your existing bill.
  • Vodacom. Add Showmax to your existing bill.
  • Credit card and cheque.
  • You can also use rewards and points from stores like eBucks and Ucount rewards.

The above listed are just payment methods you can use but you can also pay cash to some Showmax approved places and get prepaid vouchers.

Getting Started on Showmax | How to Setup Your Showmax Profile

Apart from creating an account, subscribing and watching videos there are other things you do on your Showmax account and they are.

  • Setting up a profile for different members of the hour family. You can create a profile for up to five people who will be using your subscription on Showmax. Your kids and partner can ha e their own profile and watch from their own devices. Setting a profile for kids to protect them from inappropriate videos and movies only letting them have access to kids shows.
  • Creating a watch list. You create a watch list of shows you would want to watch later and each profile can get their own watchlist.
  • Downloading for later. You can download shows or movies up to twenty fives movies. You can download them to watch later if you do not have an internet connection or when you are on a flight or travelling by car.

These are just some of the amazing things that go with getting started with a Showmax account.

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