How to delete Facebook account permanently

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so actually we are we going with this deletion of Facebook account permanently so, first of all, install the Facebook app and log in to your Facebook account so how already logged in so I’ll there delete my facebook account see do

as follows over there look at holy ceilings again settings so scroll along so here can you see I can’t own and control this is so open it so deactivating deactivation and deletion select this so certain reason deactivate or delete

and selecting delete so continue to delete account he’s asking you to download the information I mean like you watch you’re posted in the Facebook so if you want you can download the data or you can rightfully delete it he’s asking you

to type the password so it is asking you the confirmation so select delete account see here your account you can’t be scheduled for permanent deletion if you logged in you know into the Facebook everything the next that it is you will

have the option to cancel the deletion and leave it to any of the content or information you have added to your account so within that it is you can cancel the deletion of your account now you can also rev

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