How to Find Facebook Dating App – Dating on Facebook App | Facebook Dating App

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Looking for How to find Facebook Dating App? Then this article is just for you. The Facebook Dating app is a section that is integrated with the normal Facebook app which means that it is not a separate app from your Facebook app. However, while it is not separate from the normal Facebook app as it is integrated into the Facebook app, when users create profiles on the Facebook Dating app it is separate from their Facebook profile.

How to Find Facebook Dating App - Dating on Facebook App | Facebook Dating App

Users are required to own a Facebook account before proceeding to create a Facebook Dating profile, as the dating app uses information from your Facebook profile to better set up your dating profile. The Facebook dating app is one app the was created by the management will the privacy and safety of its users as the top priority and as such it is made as an opt-in app which means that you only get to see and be seen by those who use the Facebook dating app. That is, your friends on the normal Facebook profiles can’t get to access you on the Facebook dating site unless they are actually using the Facebook dating app as well.

How to Find and Use the Facebook Dating App | Dating on Facebook App

As mentioned earlier, the Facebook Dating app is integrated into the normal Facebook app. You are advised to upgrade to the latest version of Facebook to get a better experience of the Facebook dating app. To this end, you are supposed to own a Facebook account. Below are the steps to find the Facebook Dating app;

  1. Login to your Facebook account at OR use the latest version of the Facebook app.
  2. If you are running on the latest version, once logged in, the Facebook dating app will appear in a new tab in the main menu of the Facebook app.
  3. Click on it to opt into Facebook dating then proceed to create a profile which will be separate from your Facebook profile.
  4. Fill in the necessary personal details such as Occupation, Location, Religion and other information.

It should be noted that you must be 18 and above to be able to create a Facebook dating profile. Photos and information may be suggested by Facebook from your normal profile. You can choose to edit or remove these suggestions when creating your dating profile. Once you are all set up, it is quite easy to find people who may pique your interest because Facebook uses the information you have provided to suggest other users of your gender preference who share similar interests as you.

Unless the mainstream dating apps such as Tinder and the likes, it is absolutely free and swiping is not involved, so when you find someone you are interested in you can opt to tap the like button on their Facebook dating profile or send in a comment on their post and if otherwise to can just pass. You should note that all your activities stay on your Facebook Dating profile hence your privacy is well secured.

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