How to Find Your Memories on Facebook | Facebook Memories Categories

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There are lots of improvements and features added to Facebook over the years, and now Facebook has succeeded in changing the way we all look at social media platforms. One of the amazing features Facebook has that most of the fans adore is Facebook memories. Most Facebook users are oblivious to what Facebook memories means, most especially the new users. Well, Facebook memories are simply how Facebook take their users back to the previous year of them using the platform, it is just like reminding them how they spent their previous one year. With this said, you might just be asking how to find memories on Facebook.

How to Find Your Memories on Facebook | Facebook Memories Categories

Before we get to how to find memories on Facebook, there are lots of amazing features that came along with Facebook memories. Facebook grants you access to Photos, posts and moments from what you did during the previous year and beyond. You even stand a chance to finding all the special moments you have had ever since you started using Facebook.

Facebook Memories Categories

Finding Facebook memories is made easy by Facebook. You can access memories easily since Facebook has stored them in four different categories. They are:

  • On this day
  • Friends made on this day
  • Recaps of memories
  • Memories you have missed.

Each of these sections has its own memories that you can access and share with your friends and family if you wish to.

On This Day Memories

What you should expect to find on this category are contents that occurred on a specific day. The memories date back to the day you decided to create a Facebook account. Some of the dates might not contain memories, but most of them contain special memories, it is more like another way of accessing events that occurred on a particular day

Friends Made on This Day

This category gives you information about the friends you made on the platform on particular dates. It helps you keep track with people you became friend with, plus it even creates a photo or video collage for the memories over time.

Recaps of Memories

You get to access memories of events that happened over the past one month or season. They usually come in the form of videos or message. This memory is very special because it helps you take a look back at all the important moments you had with your friends.

Memories You Have Missed

If you are not conversant with checking your Facebook account or memories, this category would highlight you with everything you have missed within the previous week.

How to Find Memories on Facebook

Locating Facebook memories is very easy. Facebook even updated the platform in the year 2018 making it even better looking and easy to find. Here is how to locate Facebook memories:

  • Open the Facebook app or Facebook web
  • Extend Facebook explore tab by clicking it to see Memories Bookmark
  • Click on the memories bookmark
  • Once you do that, the memory of what happened that day would be displayed.

If you wish to locate specific memories, follow the process stated below:

  • Just open the Facebook app or web
  • Enter a date, key word or name in Facebook search engine
  • Choose the category you wish to view
  • Finally, look for the memory you want to view and that is it.

If you wish to find what you posted yourself, it is best you go through “date posted”. There you get to navigate through your posting history.

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