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how to build your Facebook fan page from zero to over 100,000 followers organically that’s today’s topic let’s dive right into it so here’s what I’ve been hearing a lot Cynthia organic Reach is dead with the new Facebook update we cannot reach people like we used to before so today I’m gonna be sharing five different ways that you can increase the followers on your Facebook fan page without paid ads.

I get started I’m gonna hop onto my computer and show you my Facebook fan page statistics because I want you guys to be confident that you’re learning from a reputable source already guys so we’re here in the backend of my facebook fan page and if you want to come here to see your Facebook fan page stats just come on over here and click on insights and you can see the data points over here that Facebook provides you and to show you that this is 100% real I’m going to refresh this page so you guys know that this is real that I’m not making this up alright guys so here you go again all right so what I’m gonna do is I want to scroll down here and show you guys quickly my facebook fanpage post and I will show you quickly when I hover over this it’s basically going to tell you how many people you’ve reached organically and how many people you reach paid and I just want to show you quickly that I did not pay for any of these posts that I put on my fanpage and I grew this fanpage all organic using Facebook’s traffic that I don’t have to pay for and that goes to show five different tips that I’ll talk about later on

so I’m gonna show you a few more here when I hover over this see over 100,000 people reach over 200,000 people reach there’s a lot here over 200,000 people reach guys as you can see I have not paid facebook a single dime to reach these people merely understanding how Facebook utilizes their algorithm play by Facebook’s rules to get these results so if you want to know how to get these results stick with me and I’m going to be sharing 5 powerful tips that you can implement today to get the same results as me look at this one I have over 300,000 people reached all organic none of it is paid guys look there’s another one alright someone keep on scrolling alright this one’s over 500,000 guys alright this is over 100 most 200 over 200,000 I want to keep on scrolling giving you guys more of my results okay okay this one’s over 200 thousand one two thousand one thousand one hundred thousand and I can go on and on guys I can keep on showing you for days my results okay so you know I just want you to you guys to see how powerful it is if you can build a fan page just running on organic traffic remember none of this is paid if you can actually you know a lot of people pay Facebook a lot of money to show the products but you know say you know on the day that you don’t want to spend money on Facebook and you can just post on your fan page these are the type of

you know traffic you can expect to get cuz you put in the work you put in the hard work to build your fan page and you can reap the rewards later on alright guys so again I can go on forever showing you these stats but here’s what I want to show you guys that I didn’t do anything special people say all Cynthia did you post like post like what did you post as you can see over here all of these are photo posts simple photo post that I found either Google or Pinterest within my niche and of course some of these I have posted this post because sometimes you may want to switch it up and you can do videos you know photos whatever you want just make sure that it’s good content and again I’ll be talking about this later on but like I said guys look all most of it is photo post I would say 90% of my post I use just a plain single photo post some of it is just video but most of my photos are actually doing way better than my videos as you can see my videos here have way less engagement than my photo post but nonetheless you want to switch it up alright guys and I want to see over here how I am posting as you guys can see here that I am posting twice daily so I like to post one time around 8 o’clock and then one more time at 9 p.m. at night so I post I want to post at least twice a day but then again just make sure that you are posting once daily just to make sure that your

Facebook fan page is active Facebook knows that you are engaging with your fans and that you are constantly posting new content Facebook loves new content they will favor new content over old content so just understand and just keep on looking guys do I keep posting 8 9 8 9 things like that so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna hop on back and I’m going to show you the five tips that I use to achieve these results guys alright so top on over alright guys so we’re back here and I know a lot of people might be asking me well Cynthia why is it important that I build a big following on my Facebook fan page and here are the reasons why number one when you are able to build a following that engages your audience you can literally post a maybe a t-shirt or a product that you’re selling to your customers literally without paid ads you’re getting free organic traffic using the Facebook algorithm to drive eyeballs on your product also with a Facebook fan page you have a unique advantage over their competitors when you ask why because Facebook allows us to create custom audience based on the fans of our page so the fans that like your

Facebook page you own that specific audience no one has it except you it is unique to you and your brand and so when you can are running an ad you can actually create a custom audience to the people that like your Facebook fan page and target them or you can scale using look-alike audience using the fans on your page how powerful is that all right guys so enough of me talking let’s dive into the five ways that you can implement today inside the Facebook fan page to get organic following alright guys so tip number one is posting daily now I recommend that you post on your Facebook fan page at least once a day as you can see on the computer I post twice a day you can choose either just make sure that you are being active on your fan page and what happens when Facebook sees that you’re active on your fan page they will actually show your post to more people so you get more organic reach also it doesn’t only affect your organic Reach content it also helps you to lower your CPM when you’re running paid ads yes Facebook will favor and active fan page when running ads so automatically you have an advantage and I know a lot of you will be asking well Cynthia where can I find these content and you can easily find them on Google Pinterest or other websites that have memes related to your niche informational videos pulls things like that and for tip number two post relevant content this is important because whenever your audience is shown your photo or your videos

Facebook will see if your audience engages with that specific post so whether they’re liking it commenting or sharing your meme your informational videos your poll things like that and make sure that your photos can trigger an emotion amongst your customers because you want to make sure that they’re either laughing sad maybe angry had a certain thing that you’re trying to show them because when your followers are liking and engaging and commenting on your post Facebook who trigger its algorithm to show it to more people and all you have to do is follow the 80/20 rule and what this rule means is 80% of your posts are content meaning you are not selling to them it is just content that people just enjoy for example if you are inside the cat niche you want to be posting funny cat videos funny cat memes those things you aren’t making money from directly but you are building a tribe you’re building a fanbase essentially now the 20% of it should be selling you can be promoting a mug a pillow or a t-shirt to people that love cats and for tip number three is to interact with your fans now don’t forget that Facebook is a social media platform at the end of the day and so you need to be social with your fans don’t be a silent person in the back just posting photos posting videos if your followers are liking commenting underneath your posts go ahead and like their comment maybe even reply to what their questions are and so that actually engages the user to come back and actually maybe reply to your comment or invite the friends to join in the conversation and I know that sounds like a lot of TVs that you have to sit at the computer or sit at your phone to constantly answer all of your followers comments and questions and so you can always hire out a VA to help you do that for you and for tip number four is do not put links on your posts Facebook hates it when you actually want to take their users off their platform to go to a different website so if you can keep your users on

Facebook they will reward you by showing your post to more people equals more organic Reach equals more people liking your page and for tip number five is something that almost nobody talks about and that is do not add words or phrases like like my comment or share this post or comment down below basically telling your customers to do something for you because Facebook has gotten strict throughout the year that they don’t want you to take advantage of their algorithm by telling their customers to directly engage with your ad instead what Facebook wants is to create meaningful conversations with your fan base and so this goes back to creating meaningful videos that creates a conversation create posts that people laugh at and want to share with the friends not by queue asking them to do so and so Facebook has released a statement that if you ask people to like share a comment they will overtime decrease your reach so don’t do that already guys that was five different ways on how you can increase your Facebook fan page following organically without paying Facebook a single dime and I know I’ve covered a lot in this video so I’m going to quickly recap everything I said basically you need to make sure that you’re posting on Facebook daily and also posting relevant content without providing links inside of your posts also make sure that you are actively engaging with your fans and not asking for a like share or comment in return that is how you are able to grow your page organically without having

Facebook ding your page alright guys don’t forget to Like and subscribe to my channel and turn on that Bell notification so if you notified whenever I drop one of these videos also don’t forget to comment down below if you want me to make more videos just like this one also if you have any more questions I encourage you to join my free Facebook group I’ll have the link down below where you can ask me any questions regarding facebook fan pages or print-on-demand in general and it’s a great support community that has a lot of entrepreneurs in there masterminding and asking questions so it’s a free support group so if you would like go ahead and join it again links will be down below and until next time.

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