How to Make Money on YouTube with FameBit

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How Vloggers and YouTubers Can Earn Money from Sponsorships by using FameBit.More and more vloggers now have the opportunity to make money on YouTube with their vlog channels through sponsorships. From beauty gurus to tech enthusiasts and everyone in between, vloggers use and promote all kinds of products and brands every day, and the corporations that own those brands appreciate the exposure and recognize the power that YouTube exposure can have.

Sometimes it can be difficult for YouTubers and brands to find each other and make a mutually beneficial sponsorship match. That’s where sponsorship platforms like FameBit come in. If you have 5,000 subscribers or more, you can join FameBit and take advantage of opportunities for sponsorship.

What Is FameBit?

Essentially, FameBit is a focused online marketplace. Here, brands post opportunities for sponsorship, and YouTubers send proposals for those opportunities. This platform takes all of the guesswork out of trying to get a sponsorship, as you know that every company you send a proposal to is looking for YouTubers to sponsor. You also know that you’re not sending your proposal to the wrong department or address, as everything is conducted through FameBit’s website.

How Does FameBit Work?

The site’s model is pretty simple. Brands post opportunities for vloggers to gain sponsorship on a video-by-video basis or on an ongoing basis. Sponsorships start at $100 per video, $90 of which goes directly to the YouTuber chosen to make the video. FameBit charges 10% upon approval of your proposal. While sponsorships start at $100, they can exceed $1000 depending on your audience.

To be considered for sponsorship, you just need to submit sponsorship proposals to the brands that fit your YouTube videos best and that you think you are most qualified for. If your proposal is accepted, you’ll then discuss the terms of the sponsorship, and you’ll be paid within 48-72 hours after the video is created and approved by the brand.

Not all sponsored YouTube videos require product placement, but if yours does require a product to be used or featured in your video you will not be required to purchase it yourself. The brand will send it to you for free, so you don’t have to worry about the old, “Spend money to make money,” philosophy.

Making Money on YouTube With FameBit

As we mentioned a moment ago, sponsorships begin at $100. That means you’ll be paid a minimum of $90 (not including PayPal fees) for each video sponsor you get. If you compare this to the revenue you get from Google AdSense, you may notice it to be more profitable.

Some of the video formats that you can use to make money on YouTube with FameBit include sponsor mentions, reviews, hauls, tutorials, favourites, and more.

If you can write compelling proposals, you can get multiple sponsorships or impress a sponsor enough that they want to continue working with you for a longer period of time. From vloggers who make a video once per week or to full-time YouTubers who are always uploading, FameBit is a great avenue for getting more revenue from your YouTube content.

Helpful Tips for YouTubers Using FameBit

Now that you know the basics of what FameBit is, how it works, and how you can make money using it, let’s get into the specific details of choosing brands, submitting proposals, and making videos that your sponsors will love. Your first step is to select brands that are good fits for your YouTube channel…

Work With Relevant Brands

Before you send out a single proposal, you have to first choose the sponsorship campaigns that you’re interested in. As you start this process, think about your audience. The brands sponsoring videos on FameBit are doing so because they want to gain more exposure with their target audiences. If your audience isn’t a brand’s target audience, then they may not be the best fit for you.

Take the time to research the brands you send proposals to. Make sure that they fit well with your audience, that featuring their products will not hurt your YouTube channel, and that they’ll get value from sponsoring you, too.

Believe in the Brand

In addition to choosing brands in the right market and industry for your audience, you should also choose brands that you actually like. Let’s say you see an opportunity for sponsorship from a brand on FameBit, but it’s a brand you don’t personally like very much. You’ve tried their products before, and they just aren’t for you. What do you do?

Do not submit a proposal. Move on to a brand that you really believe in and that you will be proud to have as a sponsor. Your audience will appreciate your honesty when you select brands that you can really stand behind. Plus, you’ll feel better sharing them with your wonderful audience, and you’ll be more likely to make quality YouTube videos featuring their products.

Submit Great Proposals

Once you’ve found a few brands and campaigns that you really like and believe in, it’s time to start submitting proposals. First, do not just copy and paste the same proposal over and over again. The people reading sponsorship proposals for these brands can see right through that trick, and they don’t appreciate it.

Write a unique and well thought-out proposal for each company that lets them know that you know their products and that you believe you really are the best candidate for sponsorship. Show them exactly what you have planned to get them as much exposure and value as possible.

Strive to Provide Value and Results

Finally, give a full and honest effort with your sponsored YouTube videos to provide value and good results for your sponsors. If you make a great video, share it with your YouTube audience and your social media audiences, your sponsor will see this and will be inclined to work with you more in the future.

As always, be sure to read over the terms and conditions before using any platform or marketplace. Use these tips to help you make money on YouTube with FameBit.

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