How to Send a Private Message on Facebook

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hey there in this tutorial I’m going to show you how you can send a private message to someone on Facebook I remember when one of my mom and dad’s friends first joined Facebook and they wrote a very long and personal note to a friend of theirs but instead of sending it in a private message they posted it on a friend’s timeline where everyone could see it I’ve seen this happen far too many times and what happened to her is one of the big reasons why I have put together this Facebook course to help those beginners navigate Facebook and avoid a situation like this.

let’s jump right in so I can show you how to private message someone here we are inside Facebook and there are actually a couple ways you can private message a friend oh and by the way you’re able to send a private message to anyone on Facebook whether you’re friends with them or not but if you do try to message someone who is not a friend of yours they will not be notified and the message will go into their other box I’ll explain more on that in a bit the first way is by clicking on messages located over here to the left of your account this brings you to where you can view all of your messages and you can even send a new message now you’ll notice that I’m in my inbox here is that another box that I was talking about you will find messages in this other box from people that you may not be friends with and you will not receive a notification up here in your messages letting you know that you have a message so

let’s go back to our inbox and let me show you how you can send a new message to a friend simply click on new message start typing the name of the friend that you want to send a new message to and then select their name now before we start typing our message I want to make you aware of something if this box right here is to check then anytime you hit the enter key your message will be sent automatically so let me show you what I mean if I wanted to send my sister Melissa a message and I was to hit the enter key notice how it automatically sends her that message

however if I uncheck this box and type in my message and hit the enter key you’ll notice that it does not send the message until I hit the reply button located down here to the right so it’s entirely up to you if you want it checked or not but I just want it to make you aware of the fact that you can mark it checked or not now me personally I leave it unchecked because I like to check the message for any misspelled words or anything that could be misinterpreted so we’ve already begun a message and of course it’s the same message but she knows that I’m using here in this tutorial tutorial but if you wanted to attach a file you could choose add files choose the file that you want to attach and then choose open the same thing goes for photos click add photos choose the photo that you would like to attach to this message click open and Facebook will attach it you can even send a smiley face if you wanted to by choosing this smiley face right here and then you can go through the different emoticons and decide which one that you want to send with this message once you’re satisfied with the message then just click reply now we’re going to X these two out because I don’t want to keep sending my sister these messages and I want to show you the second way that you can send a message and that is by going to that friend’s profile and sending them a message from there so let’s say

that I wanted to send my sister Rhonda a private message will go to her profile and you’ll see this little message link right here click on it and you’ll notice that a box pops up down here to them right now before you start typing I want you to know that whenever you hit the enter key your message will automatically be sent this operates more of a chat window even though it is still a private conversation between you and that person but now if I was to type something and hit enter I don’t have the ability to see if there are any misspellings or if there’s anything that could be misconstrued or misinterpreted so when you are sending a private message through this chat window just keep in mind that it goes right to that person for instance if I wanted to send her a message real quick I could let her know once again if I wanted to attach a picture I could do so by clicking here or I could even send her a little emoticon so if

I wanted to send that and a little heart I could do that and you’ll notice that that is the sign for the heart and when I hit enter wallah she has it right away oh and she is writing back and let’s see what she has to say and you can tell that she’s writing back because you have these three little dots and she’s saying Ronda is typing and so as soon as she’s finished typing she’s gonna hit that enter button love you too did not respond because I thought this was public and so she is being taught in this tutorial as well that this is no not public this is private messaging between her and I so there you have it the two different ways to private message a friend and not have it seen by everyone

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