Why you are seeing people you don’t know suggested as People You May Know on Facebook

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You can hide People You May Know from your News Feed temporarily, but you may still see it in other places on Facebook.
We constantly update People You May Know to improve suggestions. However, sometimes we might get it wrong and recommend someone who you don’t know or don’t want to add as a friend.
What if we don’t have any common friends?
Most friend suggestions are based on having friends in common. If you see a suggestion with no mutual friends, keep in mind that some people have their friends list set to private. This means that some suggestions who are friends of friends may not show the friends you have in common.
You may also see some suggestions for people you don’t have any mutual friends with on Facebook. Learn more about how People You May Know uses your info.
How do I remove a friend suggestion?
If you see people you don’t want to be friends with as suggestions, you can:

  • Select Remove next to their name. Removing unhelpful suggestions can help us improve People You May Know suggestions.
  • Block them. Blocking someone permanently hides them from your People You May Know suggestions.
Note: Blocking someone also means you won’t show up in their People You May Know suggestions. Learn how to manage what info is used for People You May Know.

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