Imagine Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther Used Facebook Live For Activism

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Facebook Live is currently one of the most useful tools used by digital marketers to reach a lot of their audience. All Facebook users have access to this and it is giving users a more interesting user experience. For some bloggers, this has been the best innovation from Facebook because instead of them writing contents, they can just create videos which of no doubt catches more attention. There are so many advantages when it comes to going live on Facebook.Facebook Live

Advantages of Facebook Live

These are the major advantages when it comes to using Facebook Live:

  • It is making Journalism more effective because everyone and anyone now can come across something happening around them and can begin streaming it live for the world to see
  • You can easily stream events from all around the world from just where you are; Companies use this for seminars, Churches use it to stream services, Event organizers use it for their events also
  • It isn’t complicated in any way because with a tap you can just go live. There is nothing as beautiful as simplicity
  • You don’t have to pay for it, just take advantage of it and have a nice time
  • It is quantifiable

The effectiveness of Facebook Live For Mandela and Luther King

Before spreading of info was restricted to journalists but now everyone is a journalist. Have seen lots of people coming on Facebook Live to air their views on; terrorism, religion, politics etc. If you are a human right activist or you are planning to be one, you don’t at all need a road or TV station. Now let me explain why I said so. Radio and TV Station are restricted to a catchment. A particular radio or TV station may be listened to or viewed in a particular state, region or country. This brings about a barrier to people who want their opinions to be heard globally.

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world with up to 2 billion users. Am sure no TV station or radio station has that much persons accessing them on daily bases. Using Facebook Live, you can reach the whole world in just a second because Facebook gives you access to the world at large with no restriction.

Come on, if great icons like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr could make their voices heard and achieve greatness without the use of Facebook Live which made it tough for them, then think how much you could do with the use of Facebook Live. Your Greatness is assured. Think of it, there were times when they were confronted, times when they needed to reach the public, times when they wanted to come out to speak. A lot of oppositions came their way and if they did not come out, then they couldn’t be heard. Now, we can stay in the comforts of our homes and make live videos to campaign for something or against something and get a lot of audience to standing with us even without sharing fliers and billboards.  Isn’t that amazing? Am sure it definitely is. Embrace this great opportunity and reach the whole world.

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