1 Challenge about Inksnation Pinkard Officially Shutdown

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Inksnation Pinkard the number one world’s first reserved coin officially shutdowns it registration against new members.

Inksnation Pinkard

Inksnation Pinkard which started around April 2020 and has gained lots of momentum to date will be shutdown the registration against new members, which officially increases the registration cost for new members.

Whats Inksnation  website and its promises?

According to reports and information from the Inksnation Pinkard websiteit’s assuring every single Nigerian who registers on the official Inksnation Pinkard website under any packages will receive a passive income daily and weekly.

Inksnation founders have assured users of a lifetime financial freedom and lifetime payment, but users are still in doubts about how it aims at achieving such. We have equally read stories saying this Inksnation Pinkard has lots of professional traders who help in generating income for the business.

“it is estimated globally that by 2025, 80% of jobs will be automated by machines and artificial intelligence. This will leave a lot of people jobless affecting African Nations the most. Humans are the biggest assets on earth, so our blockchain is therefore backed by a human asset, which makes it possible to incentivise its valuer”

Record of Inksnation  website since inception until today

It is no longer news that Inksnation has over 1.5 million nodes which are actually converted to the total number of active users.

How to register on Inksnation website

Go to the Inksnation website and register for your desired packages, though as it stands now Inksnation Pinkard website returns an error code if you try to register as seen on the image above.

NOTE: Inksnation Pinkard coins will officially start on 12 august 2020 as the long-awaited Inksnation Pinkard countdown is almost elapsing.

DISCLAIMER: We do not promote Inksnation or have business dealing with them, we are only writing this post based on information published on their official website.

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