Is Neflix Available to Use in Nigeria? CHECK NOW

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Is Netflix available in Nigeria? You may ask. Netflix is an American company that provides online streaming service with unlimited access to the movies available on the platform. Netflix has been moving from one country to another spreading it’s rooted but has it come to Nigeria. A lot of people will say that even if it comes to Nigeria the platform will save internet connection problems and it may deter users from subscribing.

Is Neflix Available to Use in Nigeria? CHECK NOW

Is Netflix Available in Nigeria? Read Below

But far from it since Netflix became available in Nigeria, this particular problem is almost noon existent because the internet networks providers made data plans available for you to watch videos on Netflix. This plan can only be used to view Netflix, making Netflix possible for you to enjoy. Now you may say that the subscription price might also be a problem but Netflix has made its subscription easy for you to pay and when you newly join the platform you get a free one month for you to enjoy all the benefits of the platform and more.

Benefits Attached to Using Netflix

If you are looking for the most talked about TV shows and movies then they all on Netflix. Here are some amazing things you stand to gain from Netflix.

  • Watch award-winning movies, series, documentaries and stand up special on Netflix and using the mobile app you get to watch your shows even when you are travelling or even when taking a break from work.
  • New movies and TV shows are added all the time. You can browse new titles or just search for your favourite movie or series and stream videos straight from your devices.
  • The more you watch videos on Netflix, the more recommendation for videos you will get and you would love them.
  • Set up to five profiles on your account and these profiles give different members of your household their very own personified Netflix.
  • With parental control enjoy a safe watching experience for your kids with family-friendly shows and entertainment.
  • Having a Netflix account you get to preview series and movies, get notifications for new releases and episodes.
  • Don’t have much data you can simply downloading the movies to your mobile device to be watched on a later date.

How to Download Netflix App For Android and iOS

Having the Netflix mobile app is great especially when you travel a lot and spend most of your time working. With the app, you can simply unwind when on the plane or on a break.

To download the app first and foremost you have to have a strong internet connection then, you have to open your device app store which could be either Google Play store for Android or Apple app store for iOS devices.

  • Once you open the app store use the search bar to search for Netflix, what’s the search result appears click on it.
  • On the page, that appears to click on install and the app will be immediately downloaded into your device.

Now you can enjoy unlimited access to Netflix movies and TV series whether on the go or on vacation or even taking a break from work.

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