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Are you trying to expand your socialization in tour social media or u want to meet or know new people within your location or far away from you? I have been in your shoes and I know how you are filling right now.

There is no need for you to be looking for what you can just get on your fingertip, and the reason I said your social life boost up by using the app call michat lite, it is the new app in town now. The app helps to find friends nearby you and help you also to make you and your family close to each other through your social media.

MiChat Lite

This app called michat lite what is the meaning of it, michat lite (it pronounced as my-chat) is a free messaging app with amazing features and emoji and stickers, it not just for family and friends, michat lite also help you to make a new friend and find people nearby, expanding your social network. Nor so message from one on one or group are for free, it also sends message faster and easy and also save data.


  • It a free messager app
  • Video call, picture, voice call/ voice note
  • Statue quote to let people to like.
  • You can create group for you family, friend, and relatives.


  • Go to play store (it in all android phones now)
  • Type MiChat lite
  • Press download and you wait for it to download
  • After that, you installed the app
  • Open the app and you will see a welcome page (as you are a new member you will see sign up and sign in, so you press sign up).


  • Download the michat lite from android google play store app
  • After downloading and installation of the app michat lite app, you lunch the app
  • Tap on the sign-up new user button and follow the instruments that follows (like your names, surname, phone number, nationality, date of births e.t.c).
  • Provide all required data and get your michat lite profile created.

Michat lite it not just app alone it also helps to bring people close to your range due to the location to setting user we are able to meet new friendly people around you, this michat lite app is a good message app that develop to create a good and sweet connection between people by bring people close to each other and interest together.

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