Nat Geo Wild TV Shows – Availability of the National Geographic Wild Show in Countries and Continents

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The NAT Geo Wild is a documentary channel that focuses primarily on wildlife. The National Geographic Wild popularly abbreviated as NGW is an educative and interesting TV program that draws you in on an interesting journey into the wild, with their intriguing and captivating storytelling methods. The NAT GEO WILD TV Show is a global pay TV network which is owned by the National Geographic Partners.

Nat Geo Wild TV Shows

Its partners include the Walt Disney Company and the National Geographic Society. The show is known to have begun first in East Asia in Hong Kong and in the year 2006. The National Geographic Wild is a treasure indeed for those who seek to explore the wildlife and at the same time enjoy the comfort of their homes. It is packed with thrilling entertainment and enlightenment. The Nat Geo Wild show does not hold back in exploring extremely dangerous environments and the deepest of depths in our ocean in its interesting adventures.

Availability of the National Geographic Wild Show in Countries and Continents

The National Geographic Chanel has grown over the years, reaching countries and regions that once had no access to the channel. Its success in growth goes to show its competence. Here is a listing of the continent and countries as well as the Networks you can find this amazing channel.

  • Europe. It aired in Europe via The Nat Geo Wild (European TV channel), in the year 2007.
  • Africa. The show launched for the first time in Africa in South Africa in the year 2009, and it can be watched on DSTV.
  • Southeast Asia. In Southeast Asia, the channel is available on StarHub TV, Astro, and Fox Filipino.
  • East Asia. You can find the channel on Now TV in East Asia. And it aired in South Korea in 2009.
  • Australia. The Nat Geo Wild aired in Australia in 2009 on Foxtel and Austar.
  • Canada. In Canada, it launched in the Nat Geo Wild (Canada) TV network in the year 2012.
  • India. It aired in India for the first time in 2009.

Whatever country you are in, you can catch in on the experience of the Nat Geo Wild shows by tuning in on the corresponding channel for your country.

How to Watch the Nat Geo Wild Show Online

If for any reason you still encounter any restriction to access the Nat Geo Wild channel, you can tap into the power of the internet to resolve this problem. Here is a listing of various streaming TV media to access Nat Geo Wild Shows.

  • Hulu. Hulu with Live TV is an online streaming media. Hulu with Live TV costs $44.95 monthly. Hulu features the Nat Geo Wild channel amongst its other streaming channels.
  • Sling TV. Sling TV is another streaming media featuring The Nat Geo Wild channel. It cost $25-40 monthly and offers a 40% discount for your first month.
  • Fubo TV. Another quality streaming media that comes to mind is Fubo TV. It costs $44.99 for your first month and $54.99 for subsequent months.
  • YouTube TV. One of the top-class qualities out there, it also features the Nat Geo Wild channel. Its pricing monthly is $49.99

So, there you have it. With this listing you can conveniently make your pick on your streaming media of choice. So long as you have fair internet coverage, the Nat Geo Wild channel is accessible to you via these presented media.

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