Netflix vs Amazon Prime – Netflix Vs Amazon Prime Video | Is Netflix Or Amazon Prime Better

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Netflix is a paid video streaming platform that is available for all devices both internet televisions, laptops, mobile devices, tablets, and the internet.  Amazon prime is also a paid video streaming platform that is available on mobile devices, tablets, Amazon tablets, internet televisions, laptops, and their website.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime

Netflix is one of the most used video streaming services worldwide with them sponsoring some of the best movies and series , they buy streaming right to some of the most successful movies , amazon prime is also a very popular movie streaming service but is mostly used in America , they sponsor movies also but not as much as Netflix.

About Netflix and Amazon Prime

Netflix is an online video viewing platform that deals with the streaming or downloading of movies, tv shows, tv-series, and Netflix sponsor movies. Amazon Prime is a premium movie viewing service that allows its users to have access to viewing premium videos on the Amazon platform. These are some of the major features of Netflix vs amazon prime.

  • Netflix allows for its users to access to over 4000 movies and series, with a wide database of old and new movies Netflix users can enjoy viewing different movies on the platform, and these movies cut across all continents while on amazon prime users are given lesser amount of movies and series to watch they have over  2000 movies available to be watched
  • Netflix is a pure subscription service that allows its users to have access to all its movies both new and old with one single subscription, but on amazon prime users are given the option to rent and buy titles, featuring some films and TV series that are a little bit newer than the movies in the general selection.

Netflix allows its users to be able to view all the movies it offers with just once subscription this is one of the main reasons why users opt for Netflix over amazon prime because on amazon they still have to pay to view newer movies after their original subscription fee. This is one of the main advantages of Netflix.

How to Get Netflix Or Amazon Prime

Netflix or amazon prime can be gotten easily, by simply going to the internet and opening their website users can have access to the platform all they need to do is have an account or a subscription to enjoy all the movies, although they are other methods to have access to Netflix or amazon prime. These are some of the steps to follow to get Netflix or amazon prime.

  1. By having a phone, users can download the application form the store
  2. By having a tablet or laptop the application can also be downloaded
  3. By having internet-accessible televisions

These are some of the major steps to be able to get Netflix or Amazon prime either for phones or laptops or televisions.

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