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Oriflamme Marketing

If you have ever wondered how to make big money selling products, this article is meant for you. I am Gabriel Onyinye, A consultant with the Oriflamme Swedish Company that gives people the platform to start their own Beauty Business, and live the life they’ve always wanted.

Oriflamme is the No1 European beauty company that makes direct selling. This means that you don’t need a shop to be an Oriflamme consultant.

Oriflamme Marketing

Oriflamme Marketing pays you for the product you buy directly from the company, you also earn money for the products bought by people in your team; unlike shopping in an open market, you are not even recognized by the brand and you are still scared of  buying inferior products because you don’t know who to trust in the open market.

Oriflamme is a cosmetics manufacturing company in Sweden founded in the year 1967 with the aim to assist people fulfill their dreams all round the world. It is the number 1 Beauty Company selling directly in Europe. And today, Oriflamme has empowered over 3 million people around the world. Oriflamme annual revenue exceeds 2 billion USD and that will be around 1.5 billion Euros.

Oriflamme has their manufacturing plants. Four in Europe and one in Asia. The company has a Research and Development Center, where there are over 100 scientists that are making research about new products, and how to improve on existing products base on customer’s feedback.

What is Oriflamme Marketing All About?

Oriflamme Marketing
  • All Oriflamme cosmetics and skincare products are organic
  • Oriflamme has up to 1000 products in their portfolio
  • Oriflamme release about 100 new products every year

Anyways, there are 2 ways to make money in the Oriflamme Company, but to me and to all Oriflamme consultants, there 3 good ways of making money in Oriflamme which be listed below:

  1. We make money by selling Oriflamme Products
  2. We make money by receiving mouth-watering cash awards from Oriflamme subject to Qualifications
  3. We make money by getting paid on a monthly bases by Oriflamme subject to monthly performance

Write a comment below if you want to start making money with Oriflamme.

How Oriflamme Marketing Works In Nigeria

Oriflamme was launched in Nigeria on October 2, 2014. Since then, Oriflamme has been helping Nigerians to fulfill their dreams even during economic recession. Oriflamme products can be used for the whole family.

There are products for men, products for women and also for children. Oriflamme offers 3 things to their consultants, and they deliver on those promises. Which are?

  • Look Great
  • Make Money
  • And Have Fun!

Oriflamme is a very good company you can count on to make your earnings and become independent.

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