Paga Free Money Transfer – How to Create a Page Account | Send and Receive Money Using | Download and Install Paga

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Paga as a mobile payment platform allows you to transfer money electronically and make payments through the use of mobile devices. With the use of paga you can transfer money to anybody anytime and any day. Paga acts or serves as a mobile wallet where any mobile device can conduct transactional activities using their cell phones. With the use of paga free money transfer, you can transfer or send money to people not having geographical issues.

Paga Free Money Transfer

Paga was founded by Tayo oviosu in 2009 in Nigeria and it was publicly launched in 2011. They offer basic banking services to people and some of these services include savings account, wire transfer, and merchant services. Paga free money transfer makes sure that financial services are available to all, paga works through a mobile phone application.

With the use of paga, customers are able to save money, pay utility, purchase prepaid phone credit, pay cable bills, and make more payments. collaboration of the banking and telecom industry has given a platform for mobile banking like paga where users make financial transactions with the use of a cellphone. Every transaction made has to be secured with a pin in order to prevent fraudulent practices. Paga free money transfer has enhanced financial transactions by providing a platform for people to easily make financial transactions.

How to Create a Paga Account

In order for you to enjoy the benefits that the use of paga makes available before its users, you must-have first create a paga account. Without you having a paga account you might not be able to access all these privileges and benefits that are readily available for your use.Using paga free money transfer has a lot of benefits and privileges, but to enjoy all these privileges and benefits you need to have first created a paga account. Below are the steps and procedures to successfully create a paga account;

  1. Make sure you have a mobile device with a stable internet connection
  2. Visit the site
  3. Then click on get started in the button in the top right of the screen
  4. Visit any paga agent and provide your first name, surname and phone number
  5. Then you go to Google Play or iOS store on your device and download the paga app
  6. Then click on sign up and follow the instructions there
  7. Then you dial on your phone and follow the instructions there for the finalization of your registration.

Following the above steps and procedure will enable to easily create s paga account so that you can enjoy all the benefits and privileges in it.

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