Pinterest Business Profile – How to Create Your Pinterest Business Account

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Creating a Pinterest Business Profile is what you need as a business person to grow your business. Pinterest has majorly two types of accounts which are:

  • Pinterest Business Account
  • Pinterest Personal Account
Pinterest Business Profile

The differences in the both are their features. The personal account is limited to some features. You can check out YouTube for videos that educate you on their differences. The features you get to access are quite distinct. When you sign up, you sign up for a normal Pinterest account but after that, you will be given the option to switch to a business account.

At first, when I started blogging I had a personal account and with the help of the Pinterest widget, I pined my contents to my blog. As I got to understand the power of Pinterest more, I needed some features but to my greatest surprise I couldn’t find or apply them. This was so shocking because I was really anxious to practice what I had learned. I had to consult someone who had been in the digital marketing game before me and he introduced me to the Pinterest Business Account.

How to Switch to Pinterest Business Account

This is an official account for your business, organization, site etc. In this account, you have to set up a Pinterest Business Profile which means that details like your site URL, Brand or Company Name, Business Description, and Business Name are needed to give visitors a detailed insight about your business. Now if you are making use a Pinterest personal account, here is how you make a switch to a Business account:

  • Usingyour web browser, visit “”
  • Clickon “Convert Your Existing Account
  • Choose Business Type

If you like you can update your details (Email Address and Name).

At some other times, Pinterest will give you the option to convert your account to a business account. If you are making use of a personal account and don’t have a business, its fine to continue with it but once you own one I advise you convert.

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