Randmore Investment – Insurance Company

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Randmore Investment is an insurance brokerage selling life insurance policies. It helps customers to achieve financial peace of mind and prosperity when it comes to investing. It was established in the year 2006 and is always there to deliver high quality financial products and services at the best possible price throughout South Africa.

 Randmore Investment - Insurance Company

Randmore Investment is always ready to create a culture of growth in industry as well as professionalism and enthusiasm throughout the company. And to also be a leader in the insurance brokerage sector by providing quality products, enhance services and treating customers fairly and at the same time being profitable. Randmore are ready to create a strong base of key customers. And also increase the sales of the company to develop a good reputation in the sales of the company. To always develop a good reputation in the field of financial services and becomes a key player in the industry.

Features of Randmore Investment

Randmore Investment has a lot of features that will guide when you want to invest.

  • Life Polices; this gives you peace of mind knowing that your family will be taken care of if you die. Randmore Investment will help you choose the most correct and most effective policy to suit your family needs. They are various products available like the, Assupol, life cover, 4sure, and policy legacy.
  • Funeral Policies; this is whereby, when one person is covered to policies where the entire family is taken care of. It will also give you a peace of mind that if death were to happen, you know you can now rest easy and not to worry about the money. Types of service and services available are, old mutual, Assupol, 1 life, metropolitan, Sanlam, liberty life and AVBOB.
  • Retirement Policies; with this retirement policies, it allows you to lead the life style you enjoyed when you were working. Each and every of their product is tailored to individual needs and financial status.
  • Saving Policies; these gives you a peace of mind knowing that you have made provision for you children’s future by saving for their education and for your retirement. You can easily know that your style won’t change just because you have stopped working, by taking a savings policy whether an education plan or a retirement policy. Just make sure you save for a better future for you and your family. By investing for your growth, education planning and glacier by Sanlam.

Randmore investment always make sure they satisfy every of their client in whatever they need that is why they are still outstanding.

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