Sendwave App – Send Money Like a Text to Africa Using Sendwave – How Does Sendwave Work

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What really the meaning of this sendwave, sendwave was formally known as wave this app offers a secure way to transfer funds almost instantly to a mobile money account using your debit card, but for now sendwave only work in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania.


As have told you from the beginning that this sendwave deals with only debit cards, in which you can use any debit card like UK, Canadian, Spanish, Irish, and also Italian debit cards to send funds to any in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. How will this work out just choose the amount of money u want to send and choose your recipient in African, the prison we receive the money on their mobile instantly.

How Does Sendwave Work

  • Visit an agent of sendwave close by to you
  • Provide the agent with your send wave account number and the amount you choose to deposit
  • You will also provide the phone number of the receiver
  • A confirmation message will be sent once your transaction is complete.


  • You should download the app on play store
  • Sign in with your account
  • Put the amount you want send
  • And put the receiver phone number
  • A message we be sent to you after successful transactions

How to Sign Up for Sendwave

  • Download the app from google play store
  • Install the app and lunch it
  • After your lunch, you press sign up
  • Fill in the appropriate detail to open the account for sendwave
  • You will also make a deposit of your choice, and you are good to go.

So me as a successful businessman and am still using this sendwave, that why am recommend this money travel app for you, and the good thing about this app is that if your transaction is not complicated your money we refund back to you and you can still resend the money again.

And see the good part is that if you have any problem or question about sendwave product and service u can call then and they only answer within 2 business days, and if u need a quick assistant, you can call 1-866-928-3123.

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