The 5 best movies that just arrived on Netflix

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Senior Business

Willing to do anything to get rich, a young man and his friend turned the housing market upside down, but not everything goes as expected.


With the death of yet another spy, Agent Lorraine Broughton needs to find an important missing document, find out who the traitor is and still get out of this alive.

The Stranger We Love

During the Civil War, a wounded Union soldier takes refuge in a female boarding school in the South, disturbing the peace by causing sexual tension and conflict between women.

Double Blow

Three years after the end of their romance, professional cheater Nicky Spurgeon reunites with his apprentice. But this time, she is on the other side of a new scam.

Legacy on the Bones

A year after solving a series of murders, Inspector Amaia is faced with a new mystery related to the case.

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