The WhatsApp Status – How to Upload Status on WhatsApp

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What I am about to discuss with you is what we already know about and that thing is “the WhatsApp status”. We all know what WhatsApp status is and where to find it and use it also. But I am still going to discuss it, I am not discussing it because you all already know about it but I am bringing it out because there are people that have not made use of the WhatsApp platform.

WhatsApp Status

Lately, there have been a lot of searches on the internet by different kinds of people who are searching about the WhatsApp status, that is why I come about the topic. WhatsApp status is story photos, videos or texts. You cannot upload anything more than video, picture or text on WhatsApp, all these things that I have mentioned here are the only thing you can upload on your WhatsApp status. For the sake of those that do not have an account on WhatsApp, you need to get one before you can think of making use of the WhatsApp status ability to post whatever you want to.

Sign up WhatsApp account

WhatsApp signs up is different from any other platform signing up process. There is no place where you can click sign up on WhatsApp the only thing you are allowed to do on WhatsApp for you to sign up or in. Is to enter your number into it. And how can you do all of that, first you need to open the WhatsApp and if you do not have the app, I am going to tell you how you can get it.

After opening the app, tap the agree and continue link and the bottom and then enter your mobile number into the phone number box. After you might have typed in your number, they are going to send a code for you to open the account or to activate the account. When they send the code, the code will automatically fit itself in or type the code into the box and then click to activate the account. After the activation, you will now have access to your WhatsApp account immediately.

WhatsApp App Download

Like I said if you don’t have the WhatsApp app on your device and you don’t know how to download it. Here it is, go to your device app store and then search for “WhatsApp” and then click on the app when it comes up on the result page. Tap on the download or install button close to the app for you to download it and after the downloading process is completed, locate the app in your device and then install it before usage.

How to Upload Status on WhatsApp

To upload status, open the app and of which you have signed up on it. When you have accessed the app, you will see the status button at the top of the page, click on it and then tap the camera icon below.  Choose the photo or video you want to upload on your status. Click the arrow icon and the photo or the video will be uploaded to your status.

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