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We all know that using twitter is a good way of marketing business with social media. This article is going to give you guides on how to market your business with twitter.

How to Use Twitter for Marketing


Make Your Twitter Presence Exclusive

It is not advisable to post the same content on multiple social media. It is true that cross-posting makes it easier and saves time but you must have a fresh and unique way to advertise your business so that it will attract the attention of your audience.

Get Your Account Verified

If your followers notice that your twitter account has been verified by twitter, they will have the confidence to trust your brand.

Listening to Your Followers and Learning New Strategies

It is important to be attentive and know what the twitter community is up to. If you are being directly mentioned by people or not. The kind of topics the twitter community is interested in and the type of contents the give responds to. You also need to know the strategies of your competitors.

Making Use of Hashtags

By making use of hashtags, you are making sure that your posts are being seen by as many followers as possible. Hashtags make it able for you to categorize your posts such that your tweets will be grouped with other important twitter content. This will help other twitter to find your posts easily.

Helping Your Followers

By helping your followers, you will get the opportunity to know their needs, fears, and interests. And it will help you to never stop learning new things

Using Videos to Advertise Your Business

It has been made clear by Wyzowl that 79% of customers prefer to learn about a product by watching videos than to read about it.

Making Use of Images

Sharing the photos online has always been one of the best options, as the customer will be able to have a look at what he or she is about to purchase.

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