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Uber is doing a great job by helping people earn money for themselves by using their vehicles. You can choose to do this part time or full time. Uber is an online platform that helps people get a ride easily without having to go through the stress of finding one. This transport network company connects drivers to people who desire to get rides. Uber makes sure that the cars used are of standard quality and provides you with the closest ride available so you don’t have to wait.Uber Sign Up

Uber Sign Up

On Uber, you can Sign Up to be any of the following;

  • Driver
  • Rider

The drivers earn by rendering services to the riders. Sign Up Here

How Drivers Get Paid on Uber

Charges on fares are majorly based on distances and time. From every charge, Uber takes a 25% share. Drivers get paid weekly either on Wednesday or Thursday via direct deposit. You get paid from fares, promotions, reimbursements, and deposits. Driver’s pay duration lasts for 1 week (i.e. from Monday 4 a.m. to the next Monday at 4 a.m.

How to Find Your Pay Statement on Uber

  • Install the app on your mobile device
  • Log in to your account
  • Click “Earnings” at the bottom of the page where you will see a summary of your earnings so far for the week
  • Click “Total Payout” to view your pay statement


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  How to Order an Uber In Advance

Here is how it’s done;

  • On the Uber Platform, select UberX and Click “Schedule a Ride”
  • Choose the date, location, destination and time for your pick up
  • Click “Schedule UberX” after you’ve thoroughly gone through your details and confirmed it
  • Reminders will be sent to you 30 minutes and 24 hours before pick up

You have the option of canceling your pick up before your ride gets on the way.

Also, you can download your Uber App from your Google Play Store or Apple App Store for convenience. Although you can still request for an Uber Ride online without using the app. Uber Sign Up is free.

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