What influences the order of posts in on Facebook News Feed

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To help connect people to the posts that matter to them most, we use a process called ranking. News Feed ranking creates a personalized and diverse stream of posts from the people, news sources, businesses and communities you’ve connected with on Facebook.
What influences ranking
Some things influence ranking more than others, and some of the most important factors include:
  • How often you interact with posts from friends, groups or Pages (friends and family are prioritized).
  • If the type of post is something you often interact with (example: photo, video, link).
  • The number of comments, likes, reactions and shares a post receives from the people and Pages that see it. Keep in mind that these posts are shared by the friends, groups or Pages you follow.
  • How recently something was posted.

Some things have a smaller influence over what you see. We may take into account signals such as how fast your internet connection is right now or what kind of phone you’re using (because this can affect how quickly things can load on your News Feed). These are just some of the thousands of signals that may be considered for News Feed ranking.

Manage what you see
You can control what you see from your News Feed preferences or check your privacy settings. Some of the options for managing what you see in your News Feed include:
To see what influences the order of posts you’re seeing in your News Feed:
  1. Go to the post.
  2. Click in the top right and select Why am I seeing this post?

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