What is Facebook – How to Sign Up for Facebook

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Facebook, a social media platform founded by Mark Zuckeberberg along with Havard college students Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. Originally known as TheFacebook, Facebook has become one of the biggest information powerhouse, founded in 2004 as a way in which Harvard students can share pictures and information with each other. Anyone with an e-mail account or phone number that is up to thirteen years of age and above could open a Facebook account, this populated the software thereby the high amount of people using it.

What is Facebook

How to Sign up for Facebook

If you want an extraordinary Facebook experience, download the Facebook application and create an account by dully following the steps, or

  • Visit www.facebook.com and click on sign up or create an account
  • Enter your name, first name, and surname, this will be used as your profile name.
  • Your birth date, which Facebook would use to ascertain your age and to celebrate your birthday.
  • Your phone number
  • Choose your gender
  • Choose a password; create a simple but hard password, one only you can relate to and remember easily, as there are Facebook account hackers who are quite good at their job.

In case you forget your password, there is always a “forget your password” icon at the bottom of the Facebook page. When creating your Facebook account, a phone number or e-mail address will be requested of you, Facebook will link it to the Facebook account so as to confirm its creation by you. This is also done as a means to retrieve your Facebook account when lost or when you click on the forget password icon.

Almost everyone is on Facebook, it’s one of the most interesting social media applications, partnering with applications such as Instagram, Whatsapp, Oculus, Messenger and so on, the Facebook experience is very exciting and nice.

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