What is Facebook Pay – How Do I Set Up Facebook Pay | Facebook Pay

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In this article, we will provide answers to the question; what is Facebook Pay? So let’s get started. Facebook is a social media platform that is known for its innovation and it’s the drive to keep up with the fast-changing community as it tends to introduce new and easier ways of interacting, connecting or even making payments. And with its large user pool of about 2 billion monthly visitors, you can rest assured that Facebook management has made provision for several features that meet the needs of all these users.

What is Facebook Pay - How Do I Set Up Facebook Pay | Facebook Pay

What is Facebook Pay?

Now the answer to the question; what is Facebook Pay? Facebook Pay is an innovation by Facebook to make payment securely and easily move money online as it can be used as a money transfer app and as a service to order items online. Once you have signed up and chosen a payment method, you can buy things with ease and exchange money with recipients from any of their apps. In November 2019, Facebook Pay was introduced by Facebook. While there has earlier been a payment feature or platform on Facebook and Facebook Messenger, it is in recent times that Facebook management officially announced that it is bringing this payment feature to its other apps- WhatsApp and Instagram.

How Do I Set Up Facebook Pay? Read Below

Attempting to send money to someone can be considered as the easiest way to know how to use this online payment app from Facebook called Facebook pay. Below are the following step that users can know who to use Facebook pay;

  1. Open a conversation with the person you want to attempt sending money to or request money from as the case may be.
  2. Click on the four dotted menus on the left side of your text field. It might be an arrow if your keyboard is open. This menu is a plus “+” sign on computers.
  3. Tap on “Pay Friend”. Click on the money sign if you are using the computer version.
  4. Enter an amount or an optional note, then select either “Request” or “Pay”
  5. Proceed to add your payment information. You can choose “Add Debit Card” or “Add PayPal”. Desktop users have to use a Debit Card.
  6. Since it has now been added to your account, select the payment method.
  7. Choose “Pay” or “Request” to complete the transaction as the case may be. If you selected PayPal, you will have an option to pick which payment method you want to use from your account. You will also get to see the payment method that is free and those that charge a fee.

Facebook Pay has been made to work across all it’s affiliated platforms, so it can be used through the websites or via the mobile app. At this time, only users in the US have access to use the Facebook Pay however Facebook management has plans of rolling out this service to other countries across the world eventually.

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