Email services are very common in the world today and it has made sending and receiving mails very easy. Several decades ago, people sent and received mails in an analog system. That is, they get to visit post offices to submit and receive their mails in paper format. There was a limit to what this could do and it had disadvantages in the sense that you need to stress yourself by going to a postal service and there were diverse formats which information could be dispensed. It also took sometime before the mail could get to the recipient and this is based on the distance between both parties. Also, there was a limit placed on the email to be sent and received.

10 Best Free Email Services and Their Free Storage Capacities

A New Era – The Introduction of Electronic Mails and the Internet

Although, electronic mail was introduced by a man called Ray Tomlinson on the 29th of October 1969. He developed ARPANET which was the basis for the internet. This gave an idea that mails could be sent electronically with ease from all parts of the world without having to leave your comfort and you can be sure of sending documents in different formats. That is, you can send a full book (in electronic format), videos, audios, pictures, etc. It made sharing of ideas very swift and straight to the point because with a tap on your device, you can send a mail to anyone in any part of the world.

Currently, the internet is more than 2 decades and this has aided the use of electronic mails since we now live in a digital age. An age where even kids appreciate the use of the internet and can take advantage of it. The internet has helped in advancing the world we live in today. Look around you, you will see a touch of the internet in everything. Am sure with this brief, you can see how mailing has advanced.

10 Best Free Email Services and Their Free Storage Capacity

Email Account Free Storage Capcity
Gmail 15GB Free
Outlook Mail 15GB Free
Yahoo Mail 1TB Free
AOL Mail 25GB Free
Yandex Mail 10GB Free
ProtonMail 500MB Free
Zoho Mail 5GB Free 2GB Free
Tutanota 1GB Free
iCloud Mail 5GB Free