2020 Facebook Ads & Google Ads Strategies That Every Business MUST Watch & Learn To Make More Money

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The 2020 Facebook ads and Google as strategies for all businesses listen whenever it comes to digital advertising it always evolves and in 2020 there are going to be some big changes that really makes 2019 a history now what has worked in this last couple of years have been phenomenal but in 2020 there’s going to be a surge of an opportunity and a new way who simply advertise a product or service that you may have to offer for your customers and in this video I’m going to share with you exactly what this 2020 strategies are and why it is super important for you and

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description now we’ve got that all taken care of let’s really dive right in into here’s how advertising is going to work in 2020 regardless of what product or service or if you’re running Shopify or if you’re running a local business this strategy will work in 2020 and it is super important that you pay close attention to this so I’m going to go over to my scribble pad right now to actually show you what all this mean so in a nutshell let’s make this super simple let’s not

talk about funnels let’s not talk about simply upsell down sell all those other stuff let’s make it simple because our goal is to simply about the most important elements which is the advertising strategies for 2020 so in this case I’m actually gonna be right in the middle I’ll say that this is your website it can be your landing page it can be whatever it is so I’m just gonna put website over here and obviously when they go to your website or when they go to your landing page you actually have them do something maybe to simply make a sale or elite so a dollar sign or a lead so it’s really either/or right when you’re running a business you either want more lead or you either want more sales regardless if it is a product or a service that you are offering so in a nutshell this is how it all looks like now in 2020

and back in the last several years what has been super important is finding what we call cold traffic these are people that simply never heard of you they never dealt with your brand and they are completely brand new but they may be in market on what you have to offer so this basically considered cold traffic now when it comes to cold traffic we all know that Facebook ad is definitely one of the best one to actually go after with all their learning machine all their data Facebook ad is definitely something that you simply don’t want to miss out on however when it comes to the Facebook ad the key for Facebook ad for cold traffic is simply having a video ad with conversion okay you always wanted to actually use a video ad with conversion base now the reason why you want to go after conversion is because you want to get people that are most likely gonna buy something from you or simply gave you a lead now if

you want to learn how the Facebook algorithm work for this I got a video right in my youtube channel for you to actually learn all but it you can go to my channel right afterward or maybe on the side over here and there’s gonna be a suggestive video that you can actually learn from that now the reason why you want to actually also have a video is because it will allow you to simply create a custom audience lists that are now considered warm traffic they heard about you they know who you are and they just may not have bought from you yet so again we’ll talk about that in just a minute because we’re talking about cold traffic right gate so Facebook is one of the best way for you to actually start getting cold traffic now on top of that the second way to actually get cold traffic that is most likely going to convert for your business is simply google search at now I always call Google search at hyperactive buyers they’re most likely in market and ready to actually buy a product or a service and they simply want to look up for more information they want to basically look at their reviews so these people are one of the ones that are going to make a

decision in a very short period of time so let’s say that if you are advertising simply some men’s tie but you obviously have some very unique men’s tie you obviously can then advertise to those that are searching for buying men’s tie although it is generic but then if you have a unique product you can actually turn these people who are about to buy a men’s tie somewhere else to actually buy from you so these are simply just cold traffic going to your website now when it comes to khloé traffic these are the best source the second piece is simply considered the warm traffic because every single person that actually goes through your website or wash your video on facebook they’re most likely not going to a hundred percent buy your product or opt in into your service your job is to simply nurture these warm audience now there are two ways for you to nurture these warm audience I call it the funnel ones and also the ones that are built for what we call the infinite loophole which is super important for 2020 if you want massive

success and I’ll talk about that in just a minute so in this case I’m actually gonna use green right now okay for warm traffic so anytime that you have people clicking on your Facebook from cold traffic anyone that are searching on Google on a particular products or service and they simply go to your website we now basically put them into a box now this box is simply a cookie a cookie jar with retargeting feature in there so what we do and in 2020 what is super important that you have a jar of every single person in the last seven days that went into your landing page but never actually went and I’m gonna use red and never actually gave you their money or simply gave you their information that actually become a lead so you’re basically all you’re doing is that you are then now that they’re interesting what you have they’re not convinced yet you want to make sure that you run retargeting ads for example you want to run the Facebook retargeting act that is completely different from your coal traffic you want to basically run a Google search ad on the specific name of your products you want to even start running a YouTube ad and also Google

display and your whole intention is to actually get them to come back into your website so that they can actually go over here and simply finish off the purchase or giving you their contact information now on top of that not only do you want to actually nurture these warm audience who actually show interest in what you have but not convinced yet you also want to make sure that you utilize the video anyone that watched at least 95% of your video through your Facebook ad that is conversion base you know that they are now a warm audience they heard of you they actually spent time to watch ninety five percent of your video so in this case you also want to act these people right into this bucket over here so you can see that this actually all works hand-in-hand together right yet the cold traffic going into here you’re really focusing a lot of your power and a lot of your attention right into the war and traffic of anyone that watched your video people that watched with your landing page but didn’t buy and you want to utilize obviously Facebook ad Google at YouTube ad and display ad to overcome to help the consumer overcome the objection and to build your authority and your brand so that they actually become their customer now this is basically one part the

most important thing that where you are going to actually get the most money in 2020 is any time that anyone goes to your website you still utilize this cookie and I use a different color but you want to actually bank it on Facebook the last 180 days and on Google 540 days this pool people are all warm audience and they’re basically let’s be honest not every single person that actually in the seven days are gonna come and buy from you it may be the offer and maybe they want a better deal but then what you want to utilize is that this becomes an assets for your business so when you’re having a sale promotion a product launch or anything that you can do you can simply just take this list and start advertising to them on Facebook add Google add YouTube add and display ad and this is what obviously drive every one of you nuts I see them comment that you always see my ad it’s because you are now in my infinite loophole unless you throw away your computer you will always see mad because of this over here this is where the real money is going to be in 2020 so in a nutshell what you’re doing obviously the last part of the process is that I’m gonna use yellow you still have what we call your hot lists right I know that I’m using a different color you have a hot list of

buyers that you can actually cross sell and do all these other stuff but in reality the money is going to in this your money is going to be in this because it will allow you to actually have lower CPM costs and a much higher engagement rate and click to rate with these audience so you’re going to look at media buying and online advertising as a whole it’s not just run a conversion at on Facebook anymore it is about the ecosystem this is the entire ecosystem and I call this the infinite you pull strategy because once your prospect actually gets into your funnel gets into your website or take any specific action with you and your business they will be or forever in this black hole of yours where you can continue to actually monetize from them so your goal in 2020 it’s not just focusing on cold traffic but to really look at this infinite loophole strategy as a whole because the bigger your lessness the more people that is in this database the more money you are going to make and you can continue to build on top of it so this gross this is a snowball effect the bigger it is the more revenue you’re here to me the more remedy you’re gonna make the more bigger this list is going to be and you want to make sure that you protect this list as much as possible so again in

2020 I’m gonna release a lot more video all about this so make sure okay you subscribe to my youtube channel and simply click that notification bell so that each time I release a brand new video on helping you and your business you’re gonna get notified right away now if you want to learn step-by-step on how to run a facebook lead ad for your business and collect leads and turn it into a hungry hungry buyer listen there’s a video right on my youtube channel that you can actually watch right now that shows you step-by-step on how to set up your first facebook lead ad other than that even comment right below make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel I look forward on seeing you in my next video


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