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Best Airtel Nigeria Data Plan to Subscribe for Your Netflix Account Plan


Are you an Airtel Nigeria user and is also looking for the best data bundle to stream your subscribed Netflix plan? If Yes, this article will help you with info that will solve this issue fo you. You see Nigeria has an internet problem meaning that data plans are expensive and if you are a low subscriber your data plan will not last if you used it to watch Netflix videos. A lot of people see this as a downside of subscribing to Netflix and that is why the mobile networks created data plans that will help you stream Netflix to your satisfaction and Airtel is among the internet providers with such data plans

Best Airtel Nigeria Data Plan to Subscribe for Your Netflix Account Plan

Airtel Nigeria Netflix Plan to Subscribe For

As to be able to stream on Netflix you need a good data connection as a slow data connection will interrupt your streaming and would also reduce picture quality. Now Airtel is providing you data plan that would allow you stream Netflix for an hour with no interruptions, subscribing to this plan is very easy all you have to do is *439*4# and subscribe with the sum of one hundred and eighty nairas (#180). That does not mean you cannot subscribe to more you can also make a two-hour subscription for double the above-named price.

Netflix Subscription Plans in Nigeria

If you are new to Netflix, apart from using Airtel Netflix data plan you will still need to subscribe to have unless access to it’s movies and TV shows. Here is the Netflix Subscription plan in Nigeria.

  • The Basic plan. Now this plan as the name implies is basic. It just provides you unlimited access to watch movies available to you in Nigeria and it costs two thousand nine hundred nairas (2900).
  • The Standard plan. Now this plan is better than the basic plan. It just not only gives you unlimited access to movies and TV shows but also allows you to stream videos on two devices simultaneously. It also allows you to also watch movies and TV shows in HD quality. This plan costs three thousand six hundred nairas (3600).
  • The premium plan. This is a great plan to subscribe to because not only do you have only unlimited access, you also get to stream movies simultaneously with up to four devices and also view videos with HD and Ultra HD quality. This plan cost four thousand nine hundred nairas (4900).

Note that using HD and Ultra HD to view videos consume data so if you want your data plans last you can simply subscribe to the basic plan. Also, note that not all contents are available in HD and Ultra HD quality.

Best Airtel Data Plan in Nigeria for Netflix Subscribers to Use

If you are a heavy data user and buy big data plans then you can also use those plan to view Netflix for an hour or two. Here are some amazing data plans on Airtel for your enjoyment. Airtel binge plan is a great way to do this because it gives you more data for really cheap rates and you should check it out.

How to subscribe to Airtel Binge Plan

Here are the steps to subscribe to Airtel binge plan.

  • On your Airtel Sim dial *141# and select 3.
  • And select the data bundle of your choice.

Once you have selected your desired data plan and have purchased it you can browse and watch Netflix videos without a time restriction.

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