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1 Powerful Method of protecting your BVN


Secure your BVN against Hackers

The process of gaining unauthorized access into a computer system or private network is known as hacking. With the modernization of the world, different security methods are implemented on one hand and the security breakers have also innovated varieties of methods on the other hand. The Central Bank of Nigeria has taken a step forward from these hackers by implementing the BVN system that reduced their bank hacking percentage to a lower stage.

On 14th February 2014, the Central Bank of Nigeria Launched a centralized identification system for the banking industry which is known to us as Bank Verification Number (BVN). This system or card contains an 11-digit number that gives each customer a sole individuality. The Central Bank of Nigeria Act 1958 was implemented for the BVN system to eliminate fraud range in the banking system.

Despite having many safety measures, cyber-attacks on banks happen every day. Though BVN is a private number that is used strictly within the financial system only, here are some tricks hacker normally uses if you do not secure your BVN against hackers :

  1. Spam callers would call you asking you to buy a new credit card or telling you that your call has been blocked due to some issues and finally ask about your BVN card details.
  2. They would send email/messages about giving you an offer to claim your $200k prize that you have owned recently and suggest you click on a spiteful phishing link.
  3. Hackers usually need the following things for hacking bank accounts in Nigeria :

So, it is crystal clear that to secure your BVN against hackers is not causality, it is a must.

Here are some cautions you should take without further delay to protect your accounts :

Have a strong password and PIN

  • Your password should contain 8 characters at least or even more.
  • Characters should be a collection of random letters (lowercase and uppercase).
  • The password must be unique and unpredictable.


Two-factor authentication

It is a powerful security process because hackers would need to steal your phone, collect the password, and enter the code.


Do not use public networks

Using public networks would risk your personal security and information. So, be sure of avoiding those.

Keep track of accounts

As we all have at least 2 or more bank accounts, PayPal, and other credit accounts, it becomes harder to keep track of all of these. Use apps like Intuit’s Mint to get help with this.

Freeze your Credit

Hackers will have to suffer from great difficulties to access if you freeze your account. You cannot access it also until you ask the authority to unfreeze it.

Sometimes Fraudsters in conjunction with greedy bank officials can commit BVN fraud by using your details. But once you become an expert about these measures, your funds are safe and sound. Your BVN is the gateway to your financial world, so, be firm to secure your BVN against hackers.

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