Don’t Ever Get Banned From Facebook Ads Again!! Secret Facebook Ad Account Tutorial For Dropshipping!!

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one great example of different Facebook attacks that we’ve done is for examples this there was a drum now today goes by that I don’t see e-commerce business owners dropshippers losing their Facebook ad account access and then not being able to generate sales or revenue for their business in today’s video I’ll be showing you four ways that you can prevent Facebook ads from banning your accounts and also how to also prevent them starting today if you’re still

running Facebook ads for your e-commerce or drop shipping business now before we get going guys this one else the winner of our last 30-minute coaching session giveaway we’re gonna flash your name right here if that’s you email Peter at ecommerce Empire builders come to schedule your free 30-minute coaching session giveaway with me now if you want to be entered into in all you got to do is drop a comment down below in today’s video if you don’t know what to say as always you can say my empire starts now and that will enter you in and I answer all questions down there as well during the first 24 hours of these videos being posted so make sure you hit that subscribe button you hit

that notification bell so you’re notified every single Monday Wednesday Friday as we release new content here on the e-commerce Empire builders Channel but as today we’re talking about Facebook ads and drop shipping right you’re seeing the horror stories probably different kind of Facebook groups that you’re on talking about people losing their facebook ad accounts for no reason whatsoever and that’s usually not the case okay usually there are things that are going on that you can be prevent your account from getting banned and if you’re watching this right now and you’re

like hey you know what there’s no chance this will ever happen to me you know I’ve been good with Facebook I run good ads right I’m in the clear the thing is guys you always want to make sure you have these kind of backup and preventative measures in place in case that ever does happen okay so especially those of you that are currently running Facebook ads that you feel like it will happen to you do this stuff that we’re gonna be talking about okay so the first thing you want to make sure you’re doing is set up some additional ad accounts for yourself okay I recommend at least having one additional ad account for yourself under your business manager so if you don’t have

a business manager account right now go to business at and you’ll be able to open a business manager account under that you’ll connect your Facebook business page and then you can create multiple ad accounts underneath that okay very important to do that because there will be times where your Facebook ad account will be banned but not your business manager right the business manager right it sort of oversees all the different ad accounts underneath it so what that means is that your ad account might be banned that account number one might be banned but guess what you might have a few more underneath there that you can leverage and the nice thing is that you can share pixel data your Facebook pixel data across ad accounts under the same business manager okay so it’s very important to make sure you do have a business manager in place with multiple ad accounts across it and make sure that Facebook pixel is across the different funnels or stores that your wherever you’re wherever you’re collecting that Facebook data from that leads me to point number two is opening multiple business manager accounts okay a lot of people don’t think of this until it’s too late because there’s been times unfortunately for me where you know you get it you got a message from Facebook and they’re like hey your business manager shut down write that not not just your ad account shut down but I need your business manager shut down now in your business Facebook business manager account gets shut down what that means is that all those ad accounts that you have underneath that or gone alright that means they’re no longer available you can’t advertise write the business manager that’s the biggest that’s the biggest a gutshot right there is when you lose a business manager account but there’s a preventive ways to make sure that you could still be up and running if you lose a business manager account okay so what you can do is have a friend family you could do it yourself but I recommend usually have like a friend or family member that you trust open a business manager account under their Facebook profile now when they do that then they can open a bunch of add accounts underneath that as well so what you want them to do is open up a business manager account you can do this for them just go to business on under their Facebook profile right but at an open to add accounts right grab the pixels and start putting them on your on your across your across your funnels across your stores or wherever you’re collecting that Facebook data from now why is this important why is this important to do well now you have to business manager accounts with to add accounts underneath that collecting all of that pixel data so even you lose at night account here they’re not a problem you still have that first business manager but worst case if it ever happens you lose a business manager account you could still leverage that business that second business manager account that you have created using a trusted friend or family right now the reason I suggest having some friend or family do this for you is because you don’t want at that time actually retraced back to your own profile that you have to business manager accounts now what happens if that first business manager account gets shut down you can be made an admin of that other business manager and then start managing your your ads right from there as well but for the time being just have something that you guys set up right there collecting that pixel data and you kind of set it forget it and you hopefully don’t have to use the views it ever okay think of it kind of like an insurance policy for your Facebook ads and your drop shipping business okay now the third point that I want to do tell you guys about is making sure that you have multiple payment methods okay this is something also a lot of people over overlook but having multiple payment methods that you have you have across your ad accounts as well so if ad account of one gets shut down right sometimes Facebook will look and be like oh well they’re just using the same payment information for ad account number two let’s look sketchy shut it down right shut that account down shut that business manager account down and then you’re kind of like oh crap that sucks so what I recommend is opening multiple credit cards for your business right and having it 2/3 that you can you can leverage across your business managers and across your ad accounts now this is definitely unlikely I you know there’s some people that say this happened to them I put it’s personally never happened to me that’s an ad account got banned because you know I use the credit card information from from another ad account that was banned so it’s definitely just a preventative measure that you can use to make sure that that you’re in the clear so if you don’t if you have already multiple credit cards that for your business use them right if you already have them definitely leverage them inside of your business okay now the last thing I want to talk about is the copy and the creative that you’re using this is going to be the most important way that one reason why your ad accounts your business manager accounts gets shut down okay the reason a lot of you are getting all your accounts shut down I’ve we released pieces of content on the channel talking about this very thing and the Ruiz is because you guys are don’t know what I had you how to advertise on Facebook okay in a few years ago sure you could say a lot more thing get away with a lot more things on Facebook then you could today and you have to evolve your business as such okay and think about it guys your it’s not only you that are dealing with this it’s you know my businesses you know your competitors businesses are all having to play by these rules these strict rules that Facebook really puts on us as business owners and as advertisers right now you could sit there and you can complain about it or you can actually you know put some thought into your copy and your creative and not necessarily allow this to be a roadblock for you and you get past it just does any other thing that happens in your business okay now there’s two pieces of your ads that are important it’s the creative right that’s the video that’s the images that you’re using right make sure you’re not saying any sort of claiming things in there or showcasing any sort of transformations now when I say transformations I mean telling people that let’s say they can lose ten pounds in a week or saying hey you took this pill and you magically lost twenty pounds or something along those lines you can’t say those kind of things because that is scam me that’s spammy right oftentimes if you just think about hey does this sound scam B doesn’t sound spammy right that’s a good enough judgement call it be like yeah I probably shouldn’t run this that’s my number one rule if I think if I in my mind when like hey you know what that that that’s definitely pushing the limit a little bit on these rules we won’t run it because it’s not worth the few sales that you make from that and then end up losing your business over okay it’s just not worth it whatsoever okay it’s more important to put that piece of creative that imagetype video together spend a little bit more time on it make sure the cut the words in the video and the images and video are all compliant and you’re not making any crazy promises okay that’s the that’s the thing I want you to understand is don’t make any sort of claim he sort of promises that your customer will be able to achieve some crazy crazy result that your product may or may not actually do for them it doesn’t even matter even if your product can do that whatever you’re saying you can’t say it or you can’t say even if your product you know you it’s you know out of 10 out of 10 or 100 100 people took this magic pill gears and they all lost 10 pounds you just can’t say it right you can’t that on Facebook okay now for the final put under the creative and copy is the actual copy okay this is where you really need to be careful the copy is the description and the headlines that you’re using inside of that Facebook ad right you have your creative which is the video and image and then the copy which is the actual words on that Facebook ad same principles apply here you cannot make any sort of irrational claims or false promises of some sort of reward for your customer now some niches you’re gonna be able to get away with certain things what I like to do is always paint a picture in my customers of mine so if I’m selling maybe like some fishing stuff right I’ll show maybe somebody that you know isn’t really catching fish or catching small fish but then I’ll show somebody actually catching a bigger fish right something along those lines where it’s not necessarily like you have to say it but you can kind of convey it so here’s one thing that I’ve been telling a lot of our inner circle members a lot of our a lot of our students inside the ecommerce fre academies don’t just say it convey it right if you say it that’s gonna be a little bit more of a gray line for you if you think about it cuz you gonna have to write it out right or write it say it but if you convey it in sort of some sort of image we’re in the customers mind they’re like oh it’s I I understand what this can do for me one great example of different Facebook attacks that we’ve done is for examples this there was a drop shaving product that I came across where it removed dent from people’s cars right now they didn’t necessarily say it removes any single dent from your from your vehicle right because that would be claiming that will be a little bit too too spammy scammy for Facebook ads but instead they just show a car with a dent in it and then they put the thing on and then they take the dent out right they conveyed it they didn’t say it they conveyed it that’s something very very important to understand we’re gonna put a video right up here also it’s gonna help you out as far as how to set up different kind of business manager accounts and add accounts it’s gonna really help you out we’re gonna put that right here so make sure you click here and check out that video as well there’s also a bunch of different kind of bonuses down below in the description of the video guys there’s a 7-figure class for those of you that are new or struggling ecommerce sellers I show you how to actually the sales funnel for e-commerce dropping business not Shopify not Amazon FBA none of that stuff there’s a bunch of bonuses down there so check those out they’re there to help you actually build your e-commerce empire a bunch of funnel templates and such so.

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