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How to use Facebook avatar on Whatsapp

Facebook avatar

Nowadays Facebook avatar tends to be the top trending avatar on social media, and most people wish they could just use Facebook avatar to express feelings on other social media like Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. well, here is a “dream come through”  you can now make use of Facebook avatar on other social medias with your android phone and iPhone. And the good news is, you can even use  Facebook avatars on Whatsapp chats, and even make it as your profile picture also know as display picture widely known as (DP) Not only that, you can now even create your own avatar with other customization options, like dressing styles, hairstyle body posture etc.

Facebook avatars are bigger deal compare to its competitors, first it reached a billion users, and then they hit it with their open customization options.

How to create Facebook avatar

Well, we will just say it in a nutshell, not going into the whole details. Just take it step by step, and you will understand better on how to use Facebook avatar on Whatsapp.Facebook avatar on Whatsapp

Step 1: Click on your Facebook app on your android phone or iPhone.

Step 2: Move to the Facebook menu at the right top corner (android users), for (iPhone user) go to the bottom right corner

Step 3: click on the avatars option

Step 4: edit the avatar the way you want.

Step 5: click on save and it will automatically save to your gallery

Step 6: you can now send it on your Whatsapp as Memoji or as your profill picture

enjoy your Facebook avatar on Whatsapp

And this is the trick on how to send Facebook avatar on Whatsapp, you can also make it your profile picture on both Facebook and Whatsapp

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