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South African uses Facebook a lot and if you are not aware how you access Facebook’s website over there is different from how a lot of countries, regions, and continents access theirs. Facebook is widely popular for using the URL WWW.FACEBOOK.COM but in South Africa, it is a different case. South Africa makes use of WWW.FACEBOOK.CO.ZA instead of the popularly recognized one we know. Am here to teach you how you can access FB anytime you are in South Africa. So sit back and relax.Www.Facebook.cO.zA

Www.Facebook.cO.zA Sign Up

To sign up with Facebook in South Africa you can simply follow these steps:

  • Get on your web browser and type in Facebook.co.za
  • Click Sign Up
  • You would be asked by Facebook to input some of your details (Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Date Of Birth, Place of Work, Institution etc.)
  • Choose whether to use your Email or Phone Number for access and also input your desired password for security purposes
  • You would be asked to confirm your account with a code sent to you
  • The code would be sent to your email or as an SMS to your Phone number
  • Use the code to confirm your account and it would be activated

After this, you can log in your account to work on your profile by inputting your Profile photo, Cover photo etc. so your friend can easily find you or recognize you when you send a friend request. I advise you use your own photo and name for your account. It makes you easily accessible.

To log in, simply visit the same website and click “Sign In”. After that input your access details (Email Address or Phone Number and Password) then click “Sign In”

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Download Facebook Mobile App

After signing up with Facebook. I advise you download the Facebook Mobile App on your mobile device for accessibility of Facebook. You can get it on your App store e.g. Google Playstore, Apple App Store, Windows Store.

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