Facebook Dating Match – Facebook Dating Profile | Facebook Dating Site App

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Facebook dating is an online dating service exclusive to Facebook users. This means that one can only access the Facebook dating app through their Facebook account and as such you must be a Facebook user. The online dating app is an opt in-app which while it is through Facebook you get access to the Facebook dating app, it is a separate profile from your normal Facebook profile that means all activities are safe and privately reserved on your Facebook dating profile. However, in this article, we will be talking about Facebook dating match.

Facebook Dating Match - Facebook Dating Profile | Facebook Dating Site App

What’s the Facebook Dating Match All About | Facebook Dating Profile

Facebook dating match is pretty much the experience of the dating site. So, obviously you must have opted into the Facebook dating app and also created a Facebook dating profile before you can begin to get matched with other users or find matches that may have been suggested to you. Due to the fact that it is not just random suggestions rather a calculated one based off of information provided by the user in terms of interest and preferences, it is easier to find interest in a match.

How to Find a Match on the Facebook Dating Site App

It should be noted that besides the aforementioned requirement which is being a Facebook user, there are a couple more requirements for you to experience the Facebook dating app. These requirements are “Users must be operating on the latest version of the Facebook app” and “You must be 18 and older to get access to the Facebook dating app services”.

Users will be asked by Facebook dating to specify their gender and gender(s) of persons they are interested in matching with on the service during their setup. At this point, users must have filled out the necessary personal details about their selves like occupation, education, religion, height, location and other necessary information that would interest your potential matches. It is inclusive of gender options and you can select whether or not you are interested in all genders, bear in mind that this information is not shared with potential matches as it is personal.

How to Contact a Facebook Dating Match

Unlike the mainstream dating app, Tinder which involves swiping left to pass and swipe right if you are interested in the suggestion, Facebook dating Match operates differently as there are no swiping involved. Below are ways on how to contact and start a conversation with a potential match on Facebook dating;

  1. Users can comment directly on interested matches’ Facebook profile.
  2. Users can click on the like button on interesting matches’ posts to let them know.

You as a user of the Facebook Dating app are only suggested to those who have also opted into the dating app as well. These suggestions are based on your interests, preferences and other activities you engage in on Facebook. You can also opt into events or groups where you can see people with similar interests and preferences and you are also visible to these potential Facebook dating matches.

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