Facebook Dating vs OkCupid – OKCupid vs Facebook Dating

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In today’s world, it is not a necessity to have a conversation physically with anyone or meet someone in person in order for you to become friends with that person. With the help of social media, this has been made possible, dating sites also have their fair share of responsibility in making this possible.

Facebook Dating vs OkCupid - OKCupid vs Facebook Dating

You can be friends with anyone, anywhere, you don’t need to know the person physically to be friends, and you can later decide to meet up with the person if you want, all you need is your phone or your computer and internet access. Today, we shall be discussing some of the platforms that made this possible, Facebook dating Vs OkCupid.

Apart from Facebook dating being one of Facebook’s newest updates, it is also a very new dating network. Most dating networks usually have a web-based version and a mobile app version but Facebook dating is not available in a web-based version, it is only available on the Facebook mobile app. Since dating started rolling out in some countries, it has been compared with other dating sites and this has lead to the popular comparison of Facebook dating Vs OkCupid.

Facebook Dating vs OkCupid | OKCupid Vs. Facebook Dating

Though Facebook dating Vs OkCupid is popular but is not really sought after, the main reason for this comparison is to weigh the difference between the two dating sites and this helps people decide which dating better suites them. For all we know, both platforms are dating sites, so primarily, they offer the same service, which is helping you look for a partner. But the method in which they use to offer these services differs from each other. We shall discuss some of the basics today.

Still on the matter of Facebook dating Vs OkCupid, as we mentioned earlier, Facebook dating is only accessible via Facebook mobile app and not the Facebook web. Facebook dating is developed by Facebook and embedded on Facebook, not only that, but Facebook dating also has Instagram integrated, meaning you can share Instagram posts on Facebook dating. To use Facebook dating, no sign up is needed as far as you have a Facebook account. It can be accessed after the Facebook login. All you need to do is create a dating profile.

Going to OkCupid, ok Cupid has both the web-based version and the app version. Unlike Facebook dating, to like a suggestion on OkCupid, all you need to do is swipe right, and if you feel otherwise, you can swipe left, whereas on Facebook, all you need to do comment on that suggestion or like the person’s profile. For you to find singles with OkCupid, you need to person the signup operation, you can sign up with Facebook or your email address.

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